The training program

Courses bartender-Barista

The ultimate goal of the courses bartender-Barista – skills cooking commercial beverages based on espresso . To achieve excellent end result without a good (qualitative) initial training is almost impossible.

Conventionally, the learning process can be divided into several stages:

Equipment . the necessary equipment, utensils. Device coffee makers (basic components and parts and coffee grinders espresso and care for them. Classification of coffee equipment. Repairs and service. The list of necessary equipment and requirements. The minimum range of dishes, its volume, properties and characteristics.

Coffee . The history of the coffee bean. The cultivation, collection, processing and roasting. Conditions and period of storage, rules for the treatment of a bean, the basic requirements for appearance and taste of the coffee. Coffee brewing methods. Practical lessons.

Water . Properties and water quality for espresso . The water softener. Regeneration. Recommendations when choosing water for coffee.

Milk . cream, sugar, spices, syrups and other ingredients.

Rules of espresso (rule 5M). Basic knowledge and skills of espresso. Rules for serving (supply) and consumption. The perfect espresso.

The grinder . Design and specifications. Grinding. The coffee grinder settings and compaction (tamping) ground coffee. Methods of work with the grinder. Temp . Practical lessons.

Perfect espresso classic. The main characteristics. Practical lessons.

The frothing (foaming) milk and milk heating. Pitcher . Practical lessons.

Cappuccino . latte . macchiato . Practical lessons.

Latte art . The main directions of basic skills. Practical lessons.

Traditional coffee menu . Flavor combination of coffee. Practical lessons.

Coretto – coffee combination with alcoholic beverages. Recipe. Practical lessons.

The end result largely depends on advance preparation, but the basic result is achieved by constant monitoring of the work. A basic course in the preparation of beverages based on espresso takes one week of training (training/practice), classes are held individually. Duration of sessions – four hours a day. The number of quality coffee and ingredients is unlimited. Optimally conduct the training at the workplace, which will continue to operate the bartender – Barista using the utensils, the equipment and the equipment with which it will work afterwards. Tuition is 32 000. We really teach and share their experience – we train professionals. Upon completion of the course (training, practice and testing) shall be issued a certificate from the Bartender-Barista”. Training is conducted on coffee machines: LA MARZOCCO, Synesso, Carimali . In the process of learning and training using only quality products (pitchers, shakers and the world famous firm ALESSI; coffee milk, cream, syrups and other ingredients used in the program is provided without restrictions. In addition to learning the bartender – Barista, what is our specialty, we advise on matters related to equipment (recommendations, individual selection of coffee machines, help in purchasing at an affordable price, discounts) kitchenware, coffee (testing, selection of the mixture, the sale and its products. We will be glad to answer all your questions.

Classes start every Monday from 14.00 .

Podnevno training program is presented so:

1st day of classes:

Ways to brew coffee – Turkish, French press, coffee maker spring type, the Vietnamese way of brewing coffee, Taiwan siphon, espresso. The main differences, criteria and characteristics, depending on the desired gradation of grind, temperature and patterns of submission. View a training film about coffee “from Rostock to Cup”. Practical lessons.

2nd day of class:

Work with a coffee machine – set the desired temperature on the mixture, pressure calibration; setting the coffee grinder – the grind and dosage. Aggressive and portioned ways of working. Varieties of espresso drinks: ristretto, lungo, Americano, double espresso. Practical lessons.

3rd day of classes:

Cafe macchiato, cappuccino, latte macchiato. Aromatization of drinks – add syrups, toppings and cream.

Derivatives of drink, mochaccino, cappuccino cream cappuccino aroma, latte Traviata, RAF-coffee. Cappuccino, hot chocolate, cocoa, fruity chocolate. Latte art three way image – aching, pitching, multi-art. Practical lessons.

4th day of class:

Cool ways of preparing coffee drinks, frappe, freddo, ice-latte, Bumble. The combination of coffee with alcohol – coretto. Classic Irish coffee; other interpretations of adding alcohol to coffee drinks and cocktails. Practical lessons. Traditional coffee menu – tehnologica.

the 5th day of classes:

Connecting machines to the filtration system, the equipment needed replacing working parts of the machine and the grinder, cleaning and maintenance of equipment. Understood the material. The examination for issuing certificate: test and practical tasks.

Address chain lane., 7 (M. Kitai-Gorod)

Professional training centre in Italy, San Benedetto del Tronto and the Academy of Specialty Coffee has developed a joint project, now everyone will be able to combine business with pleasure – take a course of vocational training and relax on the shores of the Adriatic sea.

The calculation of the course for 4 people.

The course duration is 7 days.

Hotel * * *

Stay in single and double rooms.

6 nights half Board.

5 Lunches at school.

1 full day excursion on Varnelli in Visso,Kwakwani in Serrapetrona with lunch.

1 half-day excursion on Melletti and Migliori in Ascoli Piceno.

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