The secrets of making coffee

Today, coffee is one of the most popular and most beloved beverages in the world. To make coffee is a ritual, an art accessible to everyone! Many countries have their own peculiarities and secrets of cooking this amazing drink, your coffee traditions.

The birthplace of coffee is considered Persia, where this drink was used as

a medicinal drug. Interestingly, there were times when in many countries banned the use of coffee, but the people that never stopped – coffee continued to drink! Extant of unique recipes for coffee in different parts of the globe. We are going to tell You!

Coffee in the Bedouin

One of the most awesome coffee recipes – coffee in the Bedouin. Just imagine the drink is about 20 hours! During this time the water is evaporated, burying cezve (Turku) in the hot sand. As a result coffee is very strong.

Arabian coffee

To prepare Arabic coffee is first heated Turku, covered in sugar and melted it. After the sugar acquires a brownish tint, pour in Turku water and bring to the boil. Then Turku remove from heat and add coffee. The mixture is thoroughly mixed and added tablespoon of cold water. Further Turku put on low heat and for cooking, remove the resulting foam with a spoon. It is important that the coffee does not boil, but at the same time stood on the fire as long as possible, so every time when the foam begins to rise, Turku is removed, and then return to the fire. Similar steps are repeated 3-4 times in order to evaporate the water and increase the strength of the coffee. Turkish coffee is prepared in the same manner except by prior conversion of sugar / caramel.

Coffee African

In Africa too hot to drink hot coffee, so drink it there then cooled. The recipe is as follows: cold strong coffee mixed with condensed milk and chocolate or coconut liqueur. The resulting mixture is poured into a glass with ice cubes.

In many European countries in coffee, it is customary to add alcoholic beverages, whipped cream, nuts or chocolate chips, vanilla, ice cream, etc. In Spain I drink coffee with rum, Switzerland – with cherry liqueur, Belgium coffee is served with a small square of chocolate, and in England – biscuits.

Try to make coffee in different recipes, and You’ll love this drink even more!

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