The most expensive coffee in the world


Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It is believed that to understand the coffee and understand which varieties are the best – a sign of high status and good taste.

However, few could imagine a morning without a Cup of coffee. According to statistics, every day around the world consumed about 2.25 billion cups of invigorating drink. Additionally, coffee is the second most sold products on the planet, after oil. And only the true coffee lover is able to spend on a drink unbelievable amounts of money. And what is the most expensive coffee in the world?

Coffee Yauco Selecto AA

Price: 24 USD per 450 gram

This is practically the rare variety of Arabica, which is referred to as a “Grand CRU” of the Caribbean. YaucoSelecto is grown at an altitude of about 100 meters, in the mountains of Yauco, located in the Central Cordillera. The last 150 years, this region is considered best for growing coffee in the greater Antilles.

Really high level

Beans of this coffee has the perfect shape. The drink balanced and full-bodied sweet taste with soldavini and chocolate-creamy notes. The unique aftertaste of coffee – spices. The aroma is mostly nutty and chocolate tones. By the way, this Arabica is known as “the favourite drink of the Popes”.

Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon

Price: 24 USD per 450 gram

The world learned about this coffee only in 2004. It opened the famous Starbucks coffee company in Rwanda, when I visited the plant for rinsing.

For true connoisseurs

Since then, farmers grow mainly coffee beans Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon. Connoisseurs claim that the drink has a delicate acidity and a bouquet of spices, which give the coffee a unique taste.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee (Kona Coffee)

Price: 34 USD per 450 gram

This variety of Arabica coffee grows on the slopes of volcanoes Mauna Loa and Hualalai that are on the South and North Kona region of Hawaii’s Big Island. Kona Coffee is already rightfully earned a reputation as one of the most sought after and expensive coffees in the world.

Hawaiian traditions

It is worth noting that only drink from the Kona region can officially be called Kona. On the island with unique weather conditions, where Sunny morning, rain or clouds afternoon, light winds night and lull, coupled with porous and rich in minerals from the volcano soil, can grow a unique grain for coffee.

Los Plaines Coffee

Price: $ 40 for 450 grams

This coffee a unique flavor and unforgettable taste and high international award. In 2006, Los Planes on Cup Quality experts assessed on 93,52 points out of a possible 100. So the cafe, which is grown on the plains of Los plains, became the second in the world. It features a sweet floral fragrance and a hint of cocoa. With each SIP the taste of fruit is felt stronger after connoisseurs expects floral aftertaste.

Blue Mountain coffee

Price: $ 49 per 450 gram

This Jamaican coffee grown in the Blue mountain Wallenford estate. Grade Blue Mountain is distinguished by the almost complete lack of bitterness and mild flavor.

Coffee from blue mountain

Over the last few decades, coffee has gained the reputation of almost the most expensive and sought-after beverage. It is worth noting that this coffee love the Japanese. That’s why 80% of our production export Blue Mountain in the land of the Rising Sun.

Fazenda Santa INES

Price: $ 50 for 450 grams

Fazenda Santa Ines from Brazil. The country has long been recognized as producer of the best coffee in the world. Submitted mark, therefore, the best in Brazil. Coffee handmade famous for its high quality, it is distinguished by a bright citrus aroma and subtle texture. In Fazenda Santa Ines is present chocolate shade, coffee is often served with cream. By the way, in 2006 on Cup Quality Brazilian drink became the leader of the Cup of Excellence of Coffee. So its price is justified. Do not skimp on this product cafés in Canada and, of course, in Brazil.

El Injerto

Price: $ 50 for 450 grams

Coffee El Injerto preferred by thousands of fans of the drink in the world. It grows in Guatemala, Huehuetenango region. By the way, in Guatemala coffee is grown since the beginning of the eighteenth century, so a lot about this case know.

Grinding grains

The most famous plantation in the world is in a place called Coban. There often rains and is quite cloudy climate. Just this fact, according to experts, and affected the quality and taste of the coffee beans. El Injerto boasts various awards, including the prize of the Cup of Excellence in 2006, and in 2002 and 2007.

Coffee St. Elena

Price: 79 USD per 450 gram

St. Helena island, where it grows eponymous coffee is a small tropical mountainous land area of about 47 square meters. It is located in the South Atlantic ocean and became popular thanks to a lifetime of exile of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Here the coffee beans was grown in 1733.

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