The most delicious coffee beans!

To prepare a tasty and aromatic coffee, it is important to consider not only the quality of the bean and the roasting method, but still grinding. Because the grinding will affect the strength of the drink, the product, the quality of disclosure of the flavor and aromatic notes of the drink, the abundance of cream. According to experts, the most suitable grinding to prepare the most delicious coffee beans is middle fine grinding.

To make a quality drink, which will enchant you with its taste, you must remember two important rules:

You need to choose the right coffee grind for your coffee maker.

For each brewing method, using a grind.

This is extremely important because when properly prepared in the drink becomes more than 20% of soluble nutrients in the grain. The drink will be saturated with rich flavour. It is also not less important is the duration of welding.

Distinguish 3 main types of grinding:

The coarse grind is ideal for a French press. With this method of grinding particles of a size up to 0.8 mm, the steeping time of the drink should be no more than 6-8 minutes. At observance of all rules obtained the most delicious coffee beans. as there is still a maximum of useful substances and flavouring substances.

The second place by the volume of particles is the average grinding. Convenient type of grind, which is the consistency of granulated sugar. The optimum brewing time is from 4 to 6 minutes. Suitable for many ways of brewing: geyser coffee maker, espresso.

On the grind for the espresso machine is worth looking more. The degree of grinding has a huge impact on the quality of the drink. If you do very fine grinding, the coffee will spill out and drip the taste will be very bitter. If too large grind coffee spills very quickly and the drink will not get all the components that make up the taste of the coffee. It will be very watery. Thus, adjusting the grind, you can get rid of excess bitterness, or to remove the acidity, to get more saturation.

The following form grinding – it is a weak or small. This type of grinding is called “in the dust”, as the particles of grains of very fine like flour. To achieve such grinding is extremely difficult. Not even all professional coffee grinders do such a grind. The optimum time to brew from 1 to 4 minutes. This degree of grinding is considered ideal for making a perfect Turkish coffee or East. The drink becomes more dense and viscous. This is suitable for grinding coffee makers drip type.

In addition to these basic types of grinding there are intermediate options. It – fine grinding espresso (used in coffee machines «espresso»), medium fine grinding (intermediate between the fine and coarse) and ultrafine (exclusively for brewing Turkish coffee).

Thus, to obtain high-quality and tasty drink, you must follow these rules: select the degree of grinding coffee, depending on the technology of preparation of the drink. Do not underestimate the influence of the value of grinding the coffee and then you will get the most delicious coffee beans . If you want to enjoy an exquisite a delicious drink, choose fine grinding. Want rough taste, but the expressive use to make the drink a coarser grind. Also remember that the less time spent on its preparation, the smaller it is necessary to choose the degree of grinding. For the best flavor grain mill just before cooking.

When buying coffee beans be sure to tell the seller how you will make coffee. Then the coffee pomost specially for cooking on your equipment.

Now mojko to buy universal coffee grinder, wherein the coffee particles are of intermediate size between the standard. This is suitable for grinding different types of coffee makers.

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