Recipes for coffee lovers Club coffee

Arabian coffee

In a 100 ml coffee pot, put a piece of sugar, pour 80 ml of cold water and heated to boiling. Then remove the pot from heat and pour into it 5-7 g (two teaspoons) finely ground coffee. After stirring, put on the fire again and bring to a boil. After removing from the fire, poured the coffee pot with water and again bring to a boil.

Coffee bavarois

In an enamel saucepan, stir two egg yolks with 75 g of powdered sugar or sand; add a Cup of hot milk and a Cup of strong hot black coffee. Put the mixture on the fire, stirring constantly, but not boiling. Add the gelatin, previously dissolved in a few spoonfuls of warm, black coffee. Finally pour the cream into small molds and put in the refrigerator.

The amount of gelatin must be taken depending on the volume of the liquid according to the recommended dosage instructions on the package of gelatin.

Viennese coffee

In a half-full glass of sweet hot coffee put about 40 g of sour cream beaten with one teaspoon of sugar. While beating, you can also add a little vanilla and chocolate chips.

Coffee with lemon juice

In a Cup of black coffee pour a teaspoon of lemon juice and a spoon of sugar.

Coffee with brandy

To black Cup of coffee submit a glass of brandy; drink in small SIPS cognac and coffee. Sugar in coffee’s taste.

Coffee with mineral water

In sweet chilled coffee with milk (sugar to taste), add the same amount of chilled mineral water.

Mocha is an asset

Cook very strong black coffee (at 0, 5 liters of 40-50 g of organic coffee) and hot filtered through his funnel with sterile cotton wool or filter paper, add the lemon juice and two to three tablespoons of honey. Drink in small cups.

Coffee in Polish

In scalded with boiling water Cup sypetsja freshly ground coffee. Next, it is poured with boiling water and stirred. Once on the surface of the coffee foam is formed, the Cup is covered with a saucer for 7-8 minutes.

Italian coffee

Brewed coffee is not water, but milk, filtered straight into the Cup. Sugar (preferably fine sand) served separately.

Ice mocha

One double black coffee (12 g.), one teaspoon sugar, one tablespoon of cream, ice. Coffee and cream must be refrigerated. Components whisk in a blender. The drink is served chilled.

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