Motherland coffee manufacturers, varieties, types, methods of cooking

Coffee is the most demanded product in the world. Almost everyone starts a new day with a Cup of tonic, aromatic coffees.

Today, coffee is more than just a drink, it is an important component of human communication, essential in any meeting, from Dating to business negotiations. In the global coffee trade is one of the main raw materials, giving primacy only oil.

What country is the birthplace of coffee?

the History of coffee begins with the ancient civilizations of the Middle East. It is believed that the first notice its energizing effect of the coffee tree beans Ethiopians. There are two legends of the origin of the drink .

the First tells the story of an Ethiopian shepherd Kalbime: he drew attention to the excited behaviour of goats after eating the leaves and red fruits of some plants.

having Tasted the fruits, the shepherd felt the invigorating effect. He told about the oddities of the Abbot of the monastery, and he began to prepare a decoction of this plant. Drink drank Continue reading

How to brew coffee in Turku

In most people, the sound of the alarm clock in the morning causes a small but stress. This feeling is not familiar to those who Wake up to the aroma of coffee, carefully prepared a loved one. But someone still has to Wake up from the sound of BU Delnice. What can you do?

Many coffee restaurateurs are scratching their heads about how to bring the school more customers. Someone is waiting and goes to his customers himself.

a Few days ago ended the World Barista championship.

this year became the champion Hidenori Izaki (Hidenori Izaki from Japan.

the World Barista championship (WBC) is the main coffee event of the year – will be held this year on June 10-12 in Italian Rimini.

Small coffee shops hard to compete with the major networks, such as, for example, Starbucks. A small new York coffee shops have joined together in this matter and has offered its customers a subscription to coffee Cups through the app for iOS or Android. Continue reading

How to brew coffee in Turku Brew coffee in Turku correctly

Everyone knows what real coffee? That’s right – it’s green coffee fruit of the coffee tree in the tropics. The subtle aroma and dark brown, coffee acquires only after proper roasting. About the dangers of this pleasant drink there are constant debates. But has already proven that moderate consumption of coffee, not only does not harm, but rather increases the stress resistance of the organism, enhances thought processes and improves response.

To drink turned out flavorful and delicious, you need to use only fresh grain grinder, Turkish coffee pot (cezve) should be copper. Coffee fine grind “gives” more aromatic and flavouring substances and is more complete.

How to brew coffee in Turku:

First, you need to slightly warm up by the fire,

– Pour, 150 grams water – 2 tea spoons of ground coffee with a slide and add sugar to taste,

– Pour cold water in Turku, so that the water level reached Continue reading

Cocoa beans – properties, recipe, unlike coffee

At first glance it may seem that coffee and cocoa. But… they are different plants that belong to different biological families. And unlike coffee and cocoa is the same as between a pear and an Apple tree!

Let’s try to understand what the difference between them.

The plants of coffee and cocoa

Coffee is a fruit of the coffee tree, more like a Bush (family Rubiaceae), is considered the Homeland of coffee, Africa.

Cocoa is the fruit of the cacao tree (belongs to the family Malvaceae). Sometimes called cocoa “chocolate tree”. The birthplace of cocoa – tropical forests of South America.

Now both plants are cultivated worldwide in warm and humid tropical latitudes of both hemispheres.

Both trees are evergreen. The altitude of cocoa can reach heights of 10 to 12 meters. Coffee tree, usually grows much lower – 6 – 10 meters.

The fruits coffee and cocoa beans

The fruits of these plants are called grains Continue reading

Buy Vietnamese coffee Creative

Elite Vietnamese ground coffee Trung Nguyên Sáng tạo (Creative/Creativity) 8 – coffee No. 1.

The balance of the three varieties of Coffee creative 8 differs slightly from the earlier Legends gold . the fragrance becomes softer characteristic taste of Arabica, it has more natural sweetness, so I prefer a little more sweet, more sugar put.

Net weight: 250 g

Ingredients: Arabica, Robusta, excelsa.

The caffeine content ≥ 1%

Storage method: store in a cool dry place.

Manufacturer: JSC Trung Nguyên, Vietnam

Arabica / Arabica – the most popular type of coffee has a mild flavor and a subtle rich flavor. Opened a few centuries ago.

Robusta Coffee Beans / Robusta. Trees of Arabica and Robusta are similar, but the grain of the wood Robusta unlike corn Arabica beans are more round and smaller in size, ripen within 10-11 months and account for 30-35% of the coffee Continue reading

Recipes for coffee lovers Club coffee
Arabian coffee In a 100 ml coffee pot, put a piece of sugar, pour 80 ml of cold water and heated to boiling. Then remove the pot from heat and…

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Latte art - beautiful paintings on coffee
Contemporary artists often offers a lot of interesting and sometimes unexpected ideas. If you like a frothy coffee, it for you there is an original creative direction art, Latte art…

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Latte art - beautiful paintings on coffee
Contemporary artists often offers a lot of interesting and sometimes unexpected ideas. If you like a frothy coffee, it for you there is an original creative direction art, Latte art…

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