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Coffee brewing methods hardware and non-apparatus

The secrets of making coffee

Coffee – drink, which has existed since the dawn of the middle ages, but it appeared before. Over the centuries, every nation had a passion for invigorating liquid managed to create their own recipes, add unique ingredients. Scientific and technological progress and globalization brought about changes in tradition of brewing coffee and now every self-respecting coffee shop, bar or cafe offers a completely different drink loved by millions.

Today it is accepted to classify coffee brewing methods dividing them into two groups, hardware and non-apparatus. This division appeared relatively recently, not more than a century ago, with the spread of coffee makers and espresso machines. To describe all of the many recipes in one article is impossible, but we will try to highlight some of the most famous and popular.

Coffee brewing methods

One of the most popular recipes hardware coffee is espresso. It cannot be made without the machine because the necessary steam and high pressure. This coffee is a dark, almost black liquid, viscous consistency with Continue reading

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Coffee brewing methods.

There are many ways to brew coffee, and the choice of method depends on which coffee You would like to receive the degree of flavour, aroma, transparency, how quickly You would like to cook.

Coffee brewing methods:

• Turkish Coffee is prepared in the so-called cezve (ibrik). Often used spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and others. • filter In the coffee maker (American, “drip”). Filter coffee maker works by “gravity” principle: hot water drips on the funnel with the filter, which contains ground coffee. • In a French press. French press – special flask (usually glass or metal thermos), in which the piston with the sieve separates the coffee grounds from the beverage. • the maker of hot spring type (coffee Neapolitan). Geyser coffee maker type, or mocha, consists of three Continue reading

Why drink coffee How to make coffee

5 reasons to love coffee

All over the world such as we are – millions, those who delight to drink in the morning to their favorite Cup of coffee. Coffee is so popular worldwide that the consumption ranked second in the world after oil.

Coffee gently stimulates

And a Cup of coffee in our workplace is more than just a delicious beverage. His soft simulating the effect helps us to stay awake during the day. If you think that most coffee lovers dependence on daily cups of caffeine, it is not so. The caffeine is colorless and odorless and has no relation to the taste of coffee.

There is an art, how to brew coffee is to this question we answer thousands of different varieties of coffee, coffee makers, grinders, espresso machines, roasters, blenders. All they are trying to turn our morning Cup of coffee into a work of art.

We can choose from. how to brew your coffee, from a variety of recipes – traditional, sophisticated, exotic and trendy. Our choice of method for making coffee is another way to make a statement surrounding their individuality and the pursuit of beauty.

Let’s Continue reading

How to brew coffee in Turku recipes and tips

In this article about coffee in Turku:

“the Drink of the wise” in 1555 was brought to Istanbul by merchants from Syria and 100 years later became known as Turkish coffee. It is prepared from freshly ground beans on the warm sand in a special utensil — pot, with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves or anise.

Brew Turkish coffee in a cezve in the sand

Many coffee lovers claim that the real coffee, which was brewed in exactly the Turk . For making delicious coffee in a cezve (Turkish or Oriental) must three things:

plate or device for heating the sand,

good and right pollany coffee (the finer the better)

good Turkish coffee pot (cezve), correctly matched in size depending on the required number of portions.

11 tips on how to brew coffee in Turku

For high-quality coffee:

need roasted beans are not be stored Continue reading

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