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How to make coffee – everything you need to prepare a tasty and healthy coffee recipes, ingredients, methods of cooking, dishes, roasting, etc.

How to brew coffee

The main methods of brewing coffee

The method of brewing coffee Hario – using the special funnel (pour-over) and paper filters.

With all the external phitrust making coffee with Hario cone, there are lots of intricacies to this method.

First, it should be used a filter of quality paper, minimally affecting the taste of coffee. The filter should be placed in the funnel and moisten with hot water. The water should stand from 45 to 60 seconds after boiling and allowed to cool. Water should not be boiling.

In-the second, the coffee grind should be finer than French press and chemex and slightly coarser than for espresso. For one serving you need 12 grams of coffee.

Thirdly, the filter should be moistened with hot water to reduce the taste of paper. And then pour ground coffee. In poured coffee need to make a slight indentation which then pour water.

Fourthly, brewing coffee should be 3.5-4 minutes. Water should be carefully poured made recess in the coffee so as to avoid wetting the edges. Otherwise, water will go into the Cup bypassing ground coffee. When the coffee stuchitsa, and the water will still need to take a break for 30-45 seconds for the extraction of the coffee.

Continue to refill the water tank taking care not to moisten the edges. In the second minute of the expandable region of the wetting coffee, some water can get to the border of the coffee filter. By the third minute all the water should be poured out, the coffee brewed. The filter can be discarded.

Rare coffee recipes

How to make coffee

Pour-over – a Japanese method of brewing coffee – pour over – pouring from the top. Pourover most often made of glass or ceramics. Glass, manufactured by Hario, has the highest level of heat resistance according to Japanese industrial standards JIS – it withstands temperature up to 800 ?C.

The Hario coffee brewing funnel is very similar to making coffee in a chemex. In either case, it is necessary to use freshly roasted coffee, the difference in policiesto coffee and water and in the fineness.

And for chemex and Hario need water temperatures of 95 degrees – sometimes for precise control of the process using non-contact thermometers, and brewing coffee is produced directly on the electronic scales.

To the water temperature did not change upon contact with a chemex or a funnel you can use an external infrared heating lamp (infrared).


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