Motherland coffee manufacturers, varieties, types, methods of cooking

Coffee is the most demanded product in the world. Almost everyone starts a new day with a Cup of tonic, aromatic coffees.

Today, coffee is more than just a drink, it is an important component of human communication, essential in any meeting, from Dating to business negotiations. In the global coffee trade is one of the main raw materials, giving primacy only oil.

What country is the birthplace of coffee?

the History of coffee begins with the ancient civilizations of the Middle East. It is believed that the first notice its energizing effect of the coffee tree beans Ethiopians. There are two legends of the origin of the drink .

the First tells the story of an Ethiopian shepherd Kalbime: he drew attention to the excited behaviour of goats after eating the leaves and red fruits of some plants.

having Tasted the fruits, the shepherd felt the invigorating effect. He told about the oddities of the Abbot of the monastery, and he began to prepare a decoction of this plant. Drink drank the monks before night prayer services to maintain vigor.

According to the second legend, Yemenite Sheik Abd-al-Qadir, engaged in scientific research in the field of pharmaceuticals, discovered the fruits of the coffee tree. They initially were attributed to the healing properties of indigestion and headaches.

after, thanks to the bracing property, coffee became popular among the locals.

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No evidence of these legends not. It may well be that the noble drink been discovered in other circumstances.

History of the conquest of the world

the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia still can boast that the coffee is grown in the wild. From Ethiopia coffee is rapidly spreading across the Arab world – in Egypt and Yemen.

In the twelfth century these bushy trees with red fruits carried by the Arabs on the Arabian Peninsula. The drink is quickly becoming a favorite among the Bedouins. The Holy pilgrims of Mecca, calling coffee Wine of Islam, took out his own country. Thus began the mass consumption of the drink.

After the 4th century, in the late 1600s, Europeans, purchasing coffee in the Arab ports, began to put it in the country of their continent. At this time the Arabs are the only suppliers of coffee to the whole world.

This economic situation was not all arranged, and in the middle of the XVII century Muslim pilgrim carries fraudulently coffee bean in South India.

After another 50 years Dutch merchants from there smuggled coffee tree to Java island. So put an end to the Arab monopoly on the cultivation and supply of coffee in the world.

At this time has been a rapid development of the coffee business in the countries of the Old and New world. In just a few decades tonic flavored drink is becoming known around the world.

for two centuries, European colonizers were developed coffee plantations, which are still the main source of income for many countries.

Types of coffee

it is Important to understand what kind of a grade coffee different concepts. We are used to such names allegedly varieties of coffee, Arabica and Robusta. However, this species of coffee trees of the family Rubiaceae. Each species (about 80) has many varieties. Not all coffees are consumed. The main types are:


Botanical name – the Arabian coffee tree (Coffea Arabika). Its grains when cooking has a complex flavor and a tart refreshing flavor. This whimsical tree, grows mainly in mountainous plateau, the slopes, where hot days and cold nights. But the plant will not survive in the cold.

After each rainy season coffee trees bloom, and then 9 months is required for maturation of the fetus. One tree Arabica is able to give only 5 kg of raw material, or 1 kg ready-to-drink coffee beans.


Robusta or Coffea Canefora Robusta (Coffea Canephora). The birthplace of this type of coffee is considered to be Africa, it was first discovered in the Congo basin.

This kind of coffee contains more caffeine beans, therefore, has a sufficiently high strength. It is not as fragrant and refined, like Arabica. It is used more to add coffee mixture.

Robusta Grows in Eastern and Central Africa, Asia and Brazil. The plant is less demanding to weather conditions than Arabica, not sensitive to diseases and harmful insects. Tree Robusta has a high yield.


Liberica is officially titled “Liberian Coffee tree” (Coffea Liberica). The birthplace of coffee – West Africa, and now it is grown in almost every country of the African continent and also Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia.

the Tree steadily to almost all kinds of diseases, but also the quality of the fruit is also quite low. Basically, grain Liberty used in coffee blends.

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Ekstselsa (Coffea Dewevrei) – a little-known species of the coffee tree. It is very high – grows up to 20 meters. Has virtually no industrial value.



To balance of taste, aroma and strength in the first stage, mix different varieties of coffee beans.


One of the main steps of receiving a high quality coffee. When roasting green fruit of the coffee tree change color become brown and increase in volume.

depending on the desired end result, we select the optimal temperature and time of roasting. Selected 4 main roasting degree:

Scandinavian (easy);

Vienna (darker);

French (even darker);

Italian (very dark roast).

From the roasting of coffee beans depends on the strength and flavor of the drink.


Ground roasted coffee beans in coffee grinders. From a more coarse-grained preparing coffee in a French press or coffee maker with filters.

a finer grind is good for cooking in espresso machines. Oriental coffee brewed from the grains of the fine powder, “in the dust”.

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