Methods of cooking cafe

Turkish coffee is prepared in the so-called cezve (ibrik). Often used spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and so on.

Coffee filter, American, “Drip” – most home coffee makers are working on “gravity” principle: hot water drips on the funnel with the filter, which contains ground coffee.

French press – special flask (usually glass or metal thermos), in which the piston with the sieve separates the coffee grounds from the beverage.

In the geyser, Coffee Neapolitan. – The geyser is conventionally of three parts: one is filled with water, the other filled with ground coffee, and the third after some time is ready to drink.

Espresso – is obtained by using a special espresso machine, in which, through ground coffee under pressure hot water heated to a temperature of 88″91 °C. One of the options for espresso – the use of coffee machines, working on technology E. S. E. which use special disposable bags with accurate measured portion of ground grain, designed for one mug of coffee, called pods. Espresso-based is usually prepared:

Iced coffee (FR. glacé – frozen, frozen) – coffee ice cream.

Cappuccino – coffee with milk and lush foam (the”hood”).

Latte macchiato – unmixed cappuccino with milk (3/4 oz), milk foam and coffee (1/4 parts) are layers. Served in a tall glass Latte for a volume of 300 ml.

Mocha – it is commonly called coffee with the addition of chocolate or sometimes Oriental coffee. Mocha – the main variety of coffee, chocolate aftertaste.

Ristretto – the strongest, sturdiest and most invigorating coffee brewed in less than espresso, volume (7 g 15 coffee-20 ml of water). Contrary to popular belief, ristretto does not contain so much caffeine. Actually in the first 15 seconds of the extraction of the coffee at ristretto get coffee essential oil, creating a rich taste and aroma of coffee, the caffeine begins to actively stand out later. Therefore, in the portions ristretto caffeine content even lower than the espresso. The drink is usually served in a espresso Cup (or in a special miniature Cup without handles), along with a glass of cold drinking water. Usually before the first breath of ristretto take some SIPS of water. Water prevents dehydration and also cleans the taste buds and allows you to enjoy every SIP as new. Serving is designed for one or two SIPS, so the Italians usually drink ristretto, visit to the bar. Add in ristretto sugar is considered bad manners.

In German-speaking countries coffee is made with vodka, which is called «Russian-style coffee”. russischer Kaffee)

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