Make delicious coffee in coffee

Tips for making coffee in coffee maker

Making coffee in a coffee maker, the easiest and fastest way to get a flavored drink. But oddly enough, it also has its own nuances and little things that you should consider, if you want to get a good result.

Proper coffee is a guarantee of success

For anybody not a secret that the main condition for the tart beverage is properly selected coffee. His choice depends on your machine. For drip

coffee makers is better to use a fine grind grain, whereas in automatic coffee machines can fill whole grains, they will grind them.

Very popular capsule machines. They need to buy special coffee capsules. For coffee with a coffee filter fits exclusively medium grind, since the use of grain fine grind can clog the filter, which will prevent the passage of liquid through a sieve. To incorrectly selected coffee was not the cause of the broken machine in the box with the technique manual, where every information is available on the right choice of coffee.

Cooking invigorating drink

Insert the filter into the machine. For each model coffee makers, you need to find the filters which fit exactly. He should stand like a glove, not to wince, not to speak on the edges. If you do not have disposable filters, they must be cleaned periodically.

Before you put coffee in the filter, you need to determine the desired strength of the drink and the quantity required. Usually one Cup is customary to pour one tablespoon of ground coffee. It is necessary to slightly flatten with a spoon, not stamping. The amount of coffee you can control yourself, according to your taste and preferences.

After the coffee is filled in the tank to pour the right amount of water. Pour is strictly up to the maximum level, no more no less. A large amount of water will ruin the drink and will make it less bitter. It is important and the quality of the water, if well water is filtered. But most importantly, it was clean and cold.

If you want a flavored drink, pour over a Cup in which to pour the finished coffee with boiling water inside and outside. So the drink will become more flavorful and rich.

Then you want to insert on the base of the bulb and press the start button. Always make sure that the filter and the bulb were installed before switching on. When the drink will cease to drip, you can start drinking.

When using the coffee maker it is important to remember not to open the lid and pull out the holder for the filter at the time when the water under pressure through coffee, before brewing a new batch rest the car five minutes and turn it off. After making coffee in coffee, throw away the contents of the filter and rinse it.

Difference coffee drinks in coffee machines and coffee makers

Each type of coffee makers and machines uses a method for preparing a refreshing drink. In filtration and drip coffee machines get American coffee. These coffee makers are a glass flask, mounted on stand with electric heating. Coffee is prepared using a slow filtering boiling water through the filter with coffee. The drink goes in the bowl drops, which allows to preserve the aroma and taste.

In the carob preparing coffee machines Italian coffee or espresso. Hot steam under pressure passes through the cone, which is covered with coffee. The most important condition for a tasty beverage in the Rozhkova maker – learn how to fall asleep and compacted coffee powder, it needs to be covered is not too tight and not too loose.

In coffee geyser type boiling water and steam rise up several times, passing through the coffee powder. You need to know that these coffee drinks are not fragrant, but strong.

When preparing coffee capsule machines, no need to make an effort. You simply choose the coffee capsule of the desired brand, turn on the device, it does everything for you. And in a minute you are enjoying a drink.

Automatic coffee maker does everything itself: occupait the right amount of beans, grinds and brews. And it all happens in one minute.

To cook a delicious coffee, use the automatic coffee machine. In this wonderful machine drink is a fragrant, tart and very tasty. Choose the machine with the minimum necessary functions that you need.


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