How to brew tasty coffee in the Eastern Turk.

Why coffee is not tasty? – parse error cooking

The first time you brewed coffee can even be brewed it 3 times and the coffee was not good. ‘s not how it was intended or how it was described to you friends, or as it was the last holiday in Turkey, Greece or Cuba. Why coffee is not tasty?

Error No. 1, the most common: you took Turku, perhaps at the local supermarket, a rate of 0.5 liters and decided to bestow his drink either just yourself or the whole family. This error is even 2 mistakes: learn to brew the coffee first for one person, and this requires little Turk size up to 150 ml, ideally 100 ml to the level of the neck. Coffee for several servings is always more difficult to prepare because you need to consider the right proportions of coffee, water and sugar (or other spices), and also more difficult to calculate cooking time, which usually ranges from 3 to 6 minutes, but in large Ottomans can be 8 minutes or more, which significantly changes the strength and flavor of the drink Continue reading

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