Latte art – beautiful paintings on coffee

Contemporary artists often offers a lot of interesting and sometimes unexpected ideas. If you like a frothy coffee, it for you there is an original creative direction art, Latte art (Latte art). It is important that not only the taste but also its appearance, namely the presence of the original

drawing on foam.

What is latte art? As the name implies, a latte is a favorite of many coffee drink espresso with milk. Latte art is an original way of infusion of frothed milk into the coffee, resulting in a lush foam with beautiful patterns. A latte you can make a truly unique, if using a thin sharp object such as a toothpick, draw on the foam some interesting figure.

The most widespread latte art was, of course, among the professional Barista, which are the original creators of this kind of contemporary art. Being true guru in the field of coffee, many baristas with pleasure delight customers with their latte art.

Interesting. what in latte art there are three basic shapes – a heart, a leaf and an Apple, and the remaining figures, in fact, are their derivatives.

If you adhere to a strict conservative views, it is unlikely to preciselythe latte art to this art and, of course, will be right. The life of an ordinary Cup of coffee latte, unlike in the present art, it is not eternal, but that is its main charm.

Lovers of coffee latte latte and original art are sure to enjoy this romantic video – the story, the filming of which was attended by a thousand cups of latte.

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