Irish coffee

Irish coffee – magic drink for those who are cold.

Drink it, first touching the heavy waves of cream. Through which penetrate the hot jets of coffee. Durmanila aroma and a slight tingling Irish whiskey…

Sweet, bitter, slightly burning… and then envelops cold kremovato cream. Stroking just touched and outraged. Harmony. Buzz.

The story of Irish coffee

Famous Irish coffee appeared in the coastal village of Pains, which is located in County Limerick in the province of Munster). In Foinse is a major seaport, which is in late 30’s – the beginning of the 40th year of the 20th century took seaplanes (seaplanes) plying between Europe and the USA. By 1940, Foins visited by many famous people who in the Old world from the New: Ernest Hemingway, Humphrey Bogart, Eleanor Roosevelt, Douglas Fairbanks and other important people.

This seaplane Dornier DOX Flying Boat-03

Pains not always been the final destination of the journey, after which the passengers could go home or to the warm cozy rooms of hotels and sleep in a warm bed, drinking hot milk. Through this Irish port many flew with a change or just their seaplane stopped to refuel or to wait out bad weather.

And all the passengers, both in summer and cold, wet winters, after landing the plane in the North Atlantic were forced to take a boat to get from the plane to the shore. And in bad weather when they sailed into port, it was very cold.

While the seaplane was preparing for the next leg of the journey, passengers vacationing on the shore, sometimes had to sleep in Foinse, if the weather was inclement. And all very soon realized that shivering in the way passengers seaplanes require a restaurant with a delicious hot meal. To gain strength and keep warm. So to 1942 in Foinse there was a good restaurant for travelers, where the kitchen was headed by chef Joe Sheridan.

And then one icy night of Foisa in Newfoundland go flying a seaplane, but adverse weather conditions forced the captain to return to Ireland. Nothing special, of course, but passengers who have just survived a trip by boat from the port to the aircraft, had again to get out of the heat in the dampness and cold of the North Atlantic. And again to endure bad weather to shore. Well, very cold.

The restaurant was alerted the passengers in urgent need of heating delicious and warm food! And Joe Sheridan decided to apply to the poor not just hot coffee with cream, but with some Supplement that would liven up shivering travelers and gave them strength! And he dripped coffee in a drop or two of the famous Irish whiskey. Someone from American passengers, surprised bright flavor and superb aroma of the drink, said: « – Brazilian coffee?» And Joe proudly replied: «No, it – Irish coffee!»

Delicious, aromatic, warming drink is Irish coffee! Photo:

Since then, the Irish coffee has become worldwide known as the official beverage airport Foinse.

In 1945 the airport was closed, the opportunity to fly conventional aircraft, the age of seaplanes passed. And not far from the old airport built a new – it is now called the international Shannon airport. And now in the Shannon air passengers arriving in Ireland, welcome world famous drink Joe Sheridan.

Seaplanes from TINSA often flew to San Francisco. There was Buena Vista cafe, where constantly went movers and working with fish cannery to drink some whiskey while I was on break. In November 1952 the owner of Buena Vista Jack Koeppler and his friend Stanton of Delaplane known food critic who had occasion to try the Irish coffee at Shannon airport, came up with a brilliant idea. They decided to recreate the Irish coffee recipe.

Friends spent hours experimenting with different whiskies, proportions of ingredients for Irish coffee, but something did not work. Real Irish coffee, whose taste they, many years later, still felt on the lips, does not work. Something elusive was constantly slipping from the hands of the experimenters.

Cream constantly sank to the bottom of the glass, how interesting it was stated by one of the English-language narrator of the history of Irish coffee: «They could not teach the cream to float».

The quest to get the recipe for Irish coffee made Jack to fly to Shannon and ask the author himself – Joe Sheridan. And the Irish boss said to a colleague in confidence that need cream for coffee whisk only slightly. Do not expect a thick and fluffy foam. But, the most important secret of making Irish coffee is that the cream poured into coffee slowly, tucked under trouble. creamy trickle back side of a spoon.

Irish coffee in a traditional Cup. Only cream whipped here, which is not quite consistent with the spirit of the drink.

That is, the way it should – pouring cream directly on the opposite (convex) side of the spoon. In order not to scrape the surface of the coffee dramatically directional flow and disperse it on the roundness of the spoon over a drink.

So in America came the recipe for Irish coffee and soon many American chefs and bartenders have mastered it to perfection. Irish coffee has spread throughout North America. Cafe Buena Vista (Buena Vista) still can be found in San Francisco at the corner of Hyde beach. They say that to this day they cook up to 2000 cups of Irish coffee a day, and for 50 years the cafe they have prepared about 32 million servings of this delicious coffee drink, which makes them the largest consumer of Irish whiskey in the US. Oddly enough.

This preparation of Irish coffee in San Francisco, the Buena Vista cafe. Americans have slightly changed classic technique (pour whiskey hot coffee right in). But still beautiful and fun to watch as the Barista experienced hand prepares a lot of Irish coffee… class!

Why cream for Irish coffee whipped into a thick foam

Some recipes suggest the whipped cream into the cream. And get creamy foam additive to coffee. But the foam in Irish coffee to anything, it – not a milkshake. One of the highlights of enjoying this drink is hot coffee, all soaked in the scalding drops of flavored whiskey, slipping through the cool removest cream. Chip Irish coffee – it is in the process of penetration of the hot, bitter-sweet – in densely-cold that you feel in all stages and rejoice in that contrast. Using a creamy lather that won’t work.

Experts say that the sugar in the coffee and the right cream with the back side of a spoon in any case, keep the cream on the surface.

What need whiskey for Irish coffee

Irish whiskey Jeanson.

Of course, for a real need of a true Irish coffee Irish whiskey. And not Scotch (Scotch whisky – is of Scotch whiskey), rum or brandy.

It is believed that Irish whiskey triple distillation gives it a more Irish coffee smooth taste. And other drinks a little bulge, competing, a little ragging on with the remaining ingredients of the recipe.

And, as the homeland of this delicious hot drink, Irish coffee, you can take whiskey brand Jameson (Jameson – use it most often), Paddy (it’s an old Irish whisky plant Peel, which was originally added Joe Sheridan in his coffee). Even the Irish drink take Connemara Irish whiskey, Redbreast and other high-quality whiskies.

But if whisky is not available to you, decide for yourself, what a spicy and flavorful (and delicious) alcohol will connect with your coffee.

Sort of coffee for Irish coffee

The original recipe Irish coffee was brewed from beans varieties Beaulieu (Bewley). But if you don’t have coffee, you can use any freshly ground and freshly brewed coffee.

Classic Irish coffee recipe

When you read the recipe for Irish coffee, you will understand the philosophy and logic of making this delicious drink. Everything here is just, reasonable, harmonious. And delicious.

What you need for Irish coffee

for 1 serving

Whiskey – 35 ml (about 5 tablespoons or a little less than 2 tablespoons);

Sugar – 2 teaspoons (take brown, but it is possible and normal);

Freshly brewed coffee – less than 2 cups (to come in cream);

Cream fat – slightly beaten, chilled;

Equipment for making Irish coffee

Coffee maker with press (desirable); Traditional Cup for Irish coffee – glass goblet with one handle on the low leg. Often the Cup is faceted. Volume of a coffee Cup – 8 ounces or 227 grams (a little more faceted and slightly less slim large tea Cup, many ordinary tea cups equal in volume to the Irish glass coffee) ;


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