How to properly brew coffee at home

What determines the taste of coffee?

Coffee is sensitive to modes of processing during manufacture. A truism is that the average quality of grain can be cooked decent coffee, but are even more likely to ruin a great grain, unable to withstand the desired operation mode.

how to properly brew coffee at home

Italians believe that in order to create a good coffee, it is necessary to strictly follow the law M. These four letters mean:

M ichella – a mixture of coffee beans;

M accinato – grinding;

M acchina – a coffee maker;

M ano – the hand of him who makes coffee.

Take a closer look.

Michella – a mixture of coffee beans

There are about 70 species Botanic varieties of coffee, most of them only use two. «Coffea Arabica» known under the name of «Arabica», its share is about 70% of world coffee production. «Coffea canephor» or «Coffea Robusta» – so-called «Robusta» – 30 %.

The word «Robusta» means «strong and sturdy». How much to add Robusta in the blend depends on the strength of the drink. Arabica coffee gives a delicate aroma and soft acidity, and Robusta – provides strength and adds bitterness.

How to distinguish them? Arabica – oblong, uniform color. Robusta has a rounded grain, after roasting is rarely a uniform color. Among the grains of these two species emit hundreds of varieties whose properties depend on the country of growing coffee, the height of the plantations above sea level, method of harvesting coffee beans, and many other reasons. But there are other ways to choose a good coffee (read our review ).

The mixture allow to obtain the various flavours of coffee. For example, mix soft Colombian varieties and sharp Indian. The creation of a varietal mixture – time-consuming and lengthy process. The mixture is repeatedly tested to identify the optimal proportions of varieties. Sometimes, in order to set off any flavor or aroma tint, mixture is used up to a dozen different varieties of coffee.

However, there are people who prefer coffee is not in the form of varietal mixtures and grain of the same grade produced only on any one plantation. Produced specialty coffees – selected seeds of Arabica coffee from some of the most famous plantations in the world. Variety names correspond to the names of the plantations. Such a coffee is grown, usually without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides .

Because roasting the coffee beans become porous, and aromatic components evaporate freely. Therefore, roasted coffee without packing loses its taste after a few days. In addition, if roasted coffee is in the air, fat components of coffee, contacting with oxygen and become rancid, and the taste deteriorates.

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Storage of coffee beans is best sealed glass dishes, it does not retain the smell of the previous batch of coffee, which may spoil the next batch. Storage coffee no more than a week to take special measures are not necessary, but storage for two weeks – months better put in a refrigerator and stored at 10°C, more than a month – to freeze the grain to –10°C. This will slow down the chemical reactions leading to damage of grains.

Large company packing roasted coffee in vacuum-sealed packaging. This allows you to store coffee without the loss of a living fragrance for over two years.

Maccinato – grinding

It is believed that in the apparatus of espresso is preferable to use coffee coarse grinding and high pressure, rather than Vice versa. If the coffee powder is too small, it forms a dense layer, permanently holding the hot water, resulting in the evaporated volatile aromatic components, and the aroma of coffee deteriorates. And losing flavor, coffee loses and benefits: you will remember that only the smell of coffee is enough to Wake up ?

To store ground coffee is particularly difficult, its aromatic substances evaporate by leaps and bounds. But if it happened that you have ground coffee, better to store it in an airtight tin or glass jars, and preferably in the fridge.

Firms that produce ground coffee or coffee tablets (monodose), Packed in multi-layer sealed bags filled with nitrogen. Often coffee is Packed in metal cans. From the cans is pumped out the air, they are filled with inert gas and sealed. This method is used for the most prestigious varieties.

Macchina – coffee

Invented many kinds of coffeemakers. This automatic coffee machines and mechanical cafetiere, and espresso makers. The most perfect and comfortable last. The General principle of their action consists in passing hot water under high pressure through the compressed coffee powder.

For making good coffee need pure, fresh, not boiled, not chlorinated water, no odors. Water should not be too rigid. In hard water the coffee extraction is leaking worse. Respectively, and the taste it leaves much to be desired. Hardness salts bind extracted substances, and they are deposited on the walls of the Cup in the form of a dirty rim.

Best is to use water that has been treated using a special water filter, distiller. A well-prepared water can save up to 25% of coffee through improved extraction.

Mano – the hand of the Lord

Coffee is not brewed, brew. The water temperature, depending on the coffee variety, should be in the range of 85-98°C. This is the temperature when water boils «white key» (she’s a little white). In less hot water extraction process takes place incompletely, from coffee underfunded caffeine and aromatic oils, and when the temperature increases the acidity of the drink. In any case it is impossible to overheat the coffee. It destroys its flavor.

To cook Turkish coffee in cezve you need to add finely ground coffee – at the rate of two teaspoons per Cup of water, a spoonful of sugar, cover with cold water and put on fire (and better – in the hot sand).

It is important to make sure that coffee is not the «escaped». As soon as the coffee begins to rise, it must immediately remove from heat and set aside. Once the foam settles, again put on fire, and so three times. Then pour the coffee into cups.

Before you spill the coffee is not stirred, trying to keep in complete peace, to precipitate the thick. Deposition accelerates a few drops of cold boiled water. In each Cup add a little foam. As they say the Arabs «foam – person coffee».


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