How to make coffee in Turku

What could be better in the morning than a Cup of coffee made man and carefully brought straight to bed? For the preparation of tasty and fragrant coffee are best to use freshly ground grain and good Turku. It is desirable that the grinding was small – so coffee beans will give more taste to the drink.

Here are some important steps you need to follow before you brew coffee in Turku :

1. Put Turku on fire and slightly warm the bottom;

2. Pour ground coffee beans (about 2 teaspoons with the top of the ground coffee 100 – 150 grams of water).

3. Add immediately sugar to taste;

4. Pour cold water. And water in Turku is necessary to pour so that its level had on the narrowest point of the neck of the Turks (when this is achieved the minimum exposure to air, which helps to maximize the saturation of the beverage aroma of coffee beans).

5. Put Turku on fire. It is desirable to brew the coffee over a slow fire. But if you don’t have time, you should first preheat the water possible and on high heat. As soon as, you will feel that water began to form specific crust – reduce heat to low, and the rest of the coffee brewing process to produce a slow fire;

6. The crucial moment – not to give away your drink. Immediately after the appearance of the crust, the surface will start at the edges to form bubbles (starts boiling) and the crust will be on the rise. You need time to remove the pot from the heat so that the crust was not destroyed, but it is best to delay this moment. I.e. vigorous boil with the release of large amounts of air bubbles should not be. The crust – it is a kind of tube between the drink and air and if it breaks, then the taste will carry with them.

7. After removing the Turks from heat, wait until the spices will settle and repeat the operation once or twice.


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