How to make coffee in the coffee machine geyser

Step by step solution

Here is geyser coffee maker disassembled: lower compartment (water tank), the capacity of the filter to dry coffee and the top compartment ready for coffee.

In the lower compartment pour cold water up to the level of

the safety valve.

Then pour into the filter ground coffee. The finished drink is tastier if you use coffee medium or coarse grinding. Coffee should be as many as will fit in the filter, it is not necessary to stamp. This coffee is not so strong pressure to pass through the compacted coffee and tamped, can only spoil the taste of the drink. It is necessary to check that the rim of the filter and around the edges of the coffee maker was left of ground coffee for all coffee makers parts should fit snugly to one another.

Tightly twisted on the top compartment of the coffee maker.

Put the coffee maker on a small fire or turn on, if you have an electric geyser coffee maker.

While making coffee I usually keep the lid open to see the process. If coffee is brewed on a small fire, he usually doesn’t splash. A couple of minutes you will see the coffee coming out of the tube in the upper compartment.

When the upper compartment is filled to deepen, and you will hear a hissing and snorting out of the tube, the coffee maker must immediately remove from heat. Do not allow ready coffee boiling, it’ll completely ruin the taste.

Thatís about it, pour coffee into a Cup and drink it with pleasure. If you before you pour the coffee, rinsed the Cup with boiling water, you prolong this pleasure.

Unfortunately formed during the preparation of foam coffee left in the coffee, in a Cup of its almost not. This, in my opinion, the biggest drawback geyser coffee makers.

After using the coffee maker need to disassemble and wash. However, it is not necessary to be zealous: the dark layer on the coffee which produced from coffee oils, protects the negative impact of aluminum, which is made from coffee. So use scouring powders and pastes are not worth it. Although there are coffee makers and stainless steel, they can be cleaned to a mirror Shine.

After you have washed the coffee maker, not collect it immediately, be sure to let it dry in a disassembled state. Otherwise in the coffee can cause unpleasant smell.

Geyser coffee maker can serve you for several years, the most vulnerable point is the rubber strip that you see in the photo. When the rubber wears out, it loses the tightness of compartments coffee, while the coffee water begins to seep between the lower and upper compartments, and to prepare coffee is not good at it.

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