How to cook delicious cafe

We cannot say that the coffee pot is big science. But for true coffee gourmets are no trifles, when it comes to cooking this delicious beverage.

Already at the initial stage, namely, the purchase of coffee, there is a mandatory rule – only buy coffee beans. After all, if you buy ground coffee, it will quickly lose

its appeal. But, it concerns true gourmets. In most cases, we are less sensitive and finicky, though, of course, a taste of true coffee sometimes makes one think about Nirvana.

The popular caffeinated beverage is expressed in the fact that he is constantly coming up with more sophisticated and more complex appliances, the only one who sometimes resemble a part of the spacecraft.

But, if you are not a doctor of technical Sciences, who can easily understand any instructions, and if you want a Cup of simple but flavorful and hot coffee, then write down the recipe of traditional Turkish coffee.

Recipe of Turkish coffee

For one serving you will need:

1 tsp ground coffee

1 tsp sugar

1 coffee Cup of water.

Fall asleep in Turku coffee and sugar and fill with water. Put on low heat and wait when it will start to rise foam. Once she reaches the edge of the Turks, remove from heat and stir coffee. Then returned to Turku on the fire again and expecting a second boiling beverage. Again remove from heat, wait for the foam to fall, and returned again to the fire. When the fire for the third time will fit the foam to the edge of the Turks, it means the coffee is ready.

It remains only to pour wonderful drink cups, trying to evenly distribute the foam on all the cups.

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