How to brew coffee in Turku secrets and tips

Coffee in Turku

the “Raw” looks like a normal coffee green coffee beans. Its unique flavor it acquires after roasting. At the moment about the dangers of the drink is debatable, but proves that if you drink coffee in small amounts it is not harmful, but rather can promote stress resistance. This wonderful drink has a rich tasty, it is important to learn how to brew coffee in Turku.

How to brew ground coffee in a cezve

You should heat the coffee. Pour 2 tablespoons of beans with water, add sugar. After you pour water in Turku – the level should reach the bottlenecks at the throat. Then you can put it on the gas. It is desirable to brew the coffee at a small fire, although if there is no time, then reheat over high heat.

And when will be visible foam, reduce heat, leave it on before cooking. It is important to be careful not escaped coffee. When formed, the foam will begin to rise the bubbles, i.e. the coffee begins to boil. It is also important to carefully remove the pot, because the foam must not break, and the moment of boiling need to delay.

Bubbles and swirling water avoid. Because the foam is necessary to form a barrier of foam between coffee and air, good because then the flavor is not lost. Remove the coffee from the fire, the crust will settle, then repeat these steps several times.


To drink out of high quality, not roast coffee in an open container for a very long time. Because even after 10 min in ambient atmosphere, good aroma disappears. To make a great drink better taste, you can add in a dash of salt Turku.

Don’t put a lot of coffee, enough for 2 tablespoons. From this, the taste does not change, but a lot of caffeine is very bitter.

In addition, do not be distracted when cooking coffee, attach to this little soul. Always make sure that the foam is not broke.

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