How to brew coffee in Turku recipes and tips

In this article about coffee in Turku:

“the Drink of the wise” in 1555 was brought to Istanbul by merchants from Syria and 100 years later became known as Turkish coffee. It is prepared from freshly ground beans on the warm sand in a special utensil — pot, with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves or anise.

Brew Turkish coffee in a cezve in the sand

Many coffee lovers claim that the real coffee, which was brewed in exactly the Turk . For making delicious coffee in a cezve (Turkish or Oriental) must three things:

plate or device for heating the sand,

good and right pollany coffee (the finer the better)

good Turkish coffee pot (cezve), correctly matched in size depending on the required number of portions.

11 tips on how to brew coffee in Turku

For high-quality coffee:

need roasted beans are not be stored so long because of them when storing your fragrance evaporates;

grinding coffee beans preferably before the actual cooking, only freshly ground coffee will give the most magical aroma;

very great importance is the level of grind of coffee than he smaller is better get a drink. The cooking process lasts a short time and coffee should have time to give all his property to the water. The finer the grind the faster it will happen. Finely chalking coffee lighter rises up before boiling and creates abundant foam which is denser clog the narrow neck of the Turks and thus prevents the volatilization of the aroma from the drink;

for a more mild taste, before cooking in Turku to put a very small pinch of salt;

Cup needs to be warmed up, because the cold Cup may not be disclosed as the best coffee.

when preparing coffee in the Turk can not exceed the norm of coffee (1-2 teaspoons) per Cup of water. Tastier drink from an overdose will not and it is not harmless for health, as well as an increased amount of caffeine will give to drink excessive bitterness;

the water should be raw, preferably filtered in the cooking process should not boil;

when cooking we cannot allow the destruction of the “cap” of foam;

prepare coffee is not to be distracted, the preparation need to take all your attention;

when the coffee is ready and removed from the fire, add a little very cold water, sediment settles and coffee will be more transparent;

to grounds is not hit into the Cup, and sank to the bottom of the can after cooking a couple of times to knock a Turk about the table.

As right to choose coffee for Turks

do Not pay attention to brand names and trademarks — they have no meaning. In good stores coffee beans to be sold in the country of production. Really do not advise to buy Indian and Indonesian coffee. In our view, from South and Central America the better the coffee (Colombia, Costa Rica).

Map of coffee growing regions

Dry in appearance, with a faint aroma of coffee fruits are not worth buying, they are most likely old, also pay attention to avoid mold, unfortunately this happens, and most importantly: there should be no chips and grain should be the same color and size.

varieties — take the Arabica, it is more suitable for the preparation of a flavored beverage. Grain of Arabica — oily in appearance, oblong and large.

If you prefer strong coffee you can buy and Robusta — round and small grain, and mix them with the Arabica one-to-one, or Robusta 1/3 and 2/3 of the Arabica, if you like for flavor.

Having a home in the presence of both varieties and combining them together in different proportions, you can always prepare the beverage, which you have to taste.

Coffee, cooking recipe in Turka

We need:

freshly ground coffee 2 teaspoons;

sugar – to taste

water – 100 g;

the Turk and good mood.

the Recipe for how to make coffee in a cezve most correctly:

put Turku on the stove or on the sand and slightly warm up the bottom (be careful, you can ruin Turku);

pour the freshly ground coffee (2 tsp per 100 grams of water);

slightly warm coffee on a very low heat (a minute, at most, be careful, you can ruin Turku), so coffee in the future gives better aroma;

add sugar to taste.

pour cold water in Turku (can be hot, debatable), the level is just below the narrow place (foams);

put Turku again on the fire, or bury in the sand. To cook coffee it is desirable on the lowest flame;

stay tuned for the formation of foams and don’t let the “run” coffee from the Turks. In the beginning of boiling water, will begin to form foam (cream) and slowly creep up. You need to remove the pot so that maximum foam rose but was not destroyed because it is needed for corking the bottle so as to evaporate the coffee aroma;

when he took out the pot, you need to wait for the subsidence of the foam and after that repeat the process 1-2 more times (less than a Turk, the less repetition and less intense heat);

repeatedly tap the Turk on the table or add half a teaspoon of cold water for rapid sedimentation of coffee. As a result the top should be homogeneous, color hazelnut mousse and without gaps;

pour and delicious fragrant drink in a pre-heated Cup (let stand up with hot water while brewing coffee) and enjoy get pleasure from the taste and aroma.

if you do it right in the Cup you pour the coffee mixture, kofeina and foam, and the foam in the East are valued extremely high and they say, coffee is served to guests without foam — to inflict an insult.

Before drinking coffee, it should be kept in the Cup a couple of minutes for sedimentation of the slurry to the bottom (if the Cup has not been preheated the coffee cools down). If you start drinking coffee before your time, the sediment will not have time to settle down and get into the mouth.

Coffee in Turku for the curious

Turkish Coffee boiled in a cezve is a concentrated beverage, coffee beans (melkorazmernyh), water and sugar. Sugar softens the taste of coffee and plays an important role in its preparation.

the Processes in brewing coffee in Turku

the Process of making Turkish coffee comes to quick cooking small coffee crumbs in the water. If it is to digest, significantly increasing the cooking time, it will become sour and too bitter.


Coffee, for cooking in the East, in the Turk and grind it very finely, so cooking is quick and with the formation of foam.

With heating, dissolved in water, the air, stands out on the small coffee particles which serve as centers of nucleation barely prominent bubbles.

the Water is heated to evaporate inside the bubbles and causes them to increase. Bubbles, separating themselves from places of birth, quickly rush up forming the foam. The formation of bubbles on the coffee particles continues until the water temperature sufficient to generate steam.

Why is sugar important component of

There are three reasons to add sugar before cooking:

Sugar is completely dissolved until cooked coffee. If you add it in cups of coffee ready, we will happen to stir the drink to dissolve the sugar. Because of this small coffee grains will settle and he will have time to cool down.

With sugar to make coffee easier. Sugar syrup is formed on the bottom of the Turks is bad conductor of heat. Without sugar the rate of formation of bubbles would increase and the boiling would occur more intensively, thus, the cooking time will decrease, since cooking is stopped with the beginning of boiling.

Sugar keeps the foam. Foam better kept in the coffee, which was brewed with sugar.

cooking: how to cook properly

Boiling coffee should not last long, but still, you shouldn’t do this process too short.

Often it turns out that in brewed coffee floating suspended particles and do not want to settle on the bottom. Particles floating because coffee in Turku cooked long enough and their adsorbed air is not all separated.

As shown, the cooking time in Turku is necessary to separate the air from the coffee particles will be greater, the greater portion of the drink in it is prepared.

If we want to prepare a large portion at one time, we risk either to digest coffee (have to increase the cooking time by increasing the number of ascents of the foam so that the air separated from kofeina and they then settled on the bottom), or brew a coffee which will not swim to the settling of particles (coffee’s taste will be normal).

Conclusion: with large portions, in large Turks, it is necessary to experimentally match the intensity of heat and the number of approaches.

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