How to brew coffee in Turku Brew coffee in Turku correctly

Everyone knows what real coffee? That’s right – it’s green coffee fruit of the coffee tree in the tropics. The subtle aroma and dark brown, coffee acquires only after proper roasting. About the dangers of this pleasant drink there are constant debates. But has already proven that moderate consumption of coffee, not only does not harm, but rather increases the stress resistance of the organism, enhances thought processes and improves response.

To drink turned out flavorful and delicious, you need to use only fresh grain grinder, Turkish coffee pot (cezve) should be copper. Coffee fine grind “gives” more aromatic and flavouring substances and is more complete.

How to brew coffee in Turku:

First, you need to slightly warm up by the fire,

– Pour, 150 grams water – 2 tea spoons of ground coffee with a slide and add sugar to taste,

– Pour cold water in Turku, so that the water level reached the bottleneck at the neck. There is less exposure to air, which means that the drink will retain all their flavor,

– Now you can put Turku on the gas. Brew better coffee on a slow fire, but if you have a lot of guests and you’re in a hurry, then it is permissible to heat the water over high heat,

– If you saw on the water the resulting foam, make the minimum fire and leave it until completely cooked through,

– watch Closely to our wonderful drink didn’t run away – this is very important. After appeared the foam will begin to rise the bubbles, it means that the coffee will boil. Here it is necessary to contrive to remove the pot so that the foam has disintegrated, and the start of boiling to delay as long as possible. Vials of bubbling water can not be tolerated. And added we need to ensure that there was a barrier between air and drink if it is damaged, the entire a delicate aroma will evaporate,

– After you have removed the pot and the crust has settled, you need to repeat the process a couple more times.

How to brew coffee way to much. Now that you know about one of them and will be able to make great coffee at home. All avid coffee drinkers excitedly claim that this drink is one that is prepared in a cezve. To brew great coffee in a cezve (Oriental or Turkish) will need a few simple things:

the stove and / or heater sand;

coffee, a good grinder (small);

is correctly matched Turk, otherwise called “cezve”, this size, which is needed for the number of servings;

and of course, a little inspiration.

Wise tips about how to brew coffee in Turku.

To our coffee has been roasted beans cannot be stored for long in an open container. Even after 10 minutes in ambient atmosphere, a significant portion of the fragrance disappears. Great importance is attached to the milling – the finer the grind, the better the coffee. The drink is cooked for a few minutes and should have time for a short time to give all their wonderful properties of water. If the fineness, the area of contact of the water with more grains, and therefore, the process will go faster.

Thin chalking coffee faster rises up before boiling. Added such a coffee is more dense, it as the tube is between water and air at the narrow neck of the cezve and prevents the evaporation of magical fragrance.

to give the drink a more mild taste, before cooking you can put in Turku on the edge coffee spoons a little salt. Cup before going there poured coffee, it is better to warm up. Cool Cup will take the heat on himself and will not give, as it should be disclosed, even the most high-quality coffee.

you should Not put more than normal coffee, rather than 1 or 2 teaspoons per Cup of water. The taste for the better will not change, but large amounts of caffeine will taste bitter. And for health it is not harmless. Water should not be rigid and preferably purified. In no case do not let the boiling water during cooking.

do Not be distracted when making coffee, apply to cooking with a little heart and attention. Do not allow “plug” of foam broke. To ensure that the sediment has settled and did not get into the Cup when the coffee is ready, pour a little cold water or tap a couple of times a Turk on the table.

Choose coffee for Turks

Decide to buy coffee beans and went to the supermarket? Do not trust the beautiful names and trademarks. Determine type of coffee over the country the manufacturer. Do not buy grain from India and Indonesia. But coffee from Central America should be put in the shopping cart.

Look at the appearance of the beans – they should not be dried in appearance with a barely discernible scent. This suggests that the fruit is old. The grains should be uniform in size and color, no chips or flaws. Check for the presence of mold happens. The most ideal variety for cooking at home – Arabica. The beans are large and oblong, to look a bit oily.

If you are a lover of strong drink, try Robusta. This variety has small and round grains. Mixing them with Arabica in equal proportions, you get a very pleasant drink. Very convenient to have two of these wonderful coffees. They can be combined and blending so that you can achieve that drink that you’ll be pleased.

the Best recipes for coffee in a cezve

Before cooking the bottom of the Turks is best to warm up on the fire or sand, but try not to damage your cezve. Sprinkle two teaspoons of freshly ground coffee 100 g of water. A little warm coffee on very low heat for just a minute, no more. So milled grain will give more of his scent. Sugar put according to your taste.

Pour coffee water hot or cold. Coffee lover, long arguing that the right, but goes good with any water main, water to just reach the narrow “neck” cezve. So “cap” of foam will succeed more.

Now, again put on fire Turk or bury in the sand. Coffee is brewed on a “slow” fire. When the water starts to boil, make sure that coffee is not “escaped”. At this time, should begin to form foam (cream) and slowly rise up. Remove the pot, but so that the cream does not opal and are not destroyed, otherwise the coffee aroma you can not see.

How to remove the pot, wait until the foam itself will settle, and repeat again all the way of cooking once or twice. But if you have a small Turk, we need less heat and once.

After the coffee is prepared, pour the top half spoon of cool water, or tap the Turk on the table – coffee settles quickly. The top will remain tender, without tearing the foam.

Fill empty cups with boiling water and let it stand, then remove the water. The Cup will heat up and only now, you can pour a drink. If you did it right, the coffee is a little transparent, without kofeina. While traditional foam, which is so valued by the people of the East, will decorate your Cup of excellent coffee.

a Coffee stand in the Cup for a few minutes, to precipitate fell to the bottom, but if the Cup was not heated before it is the drink cools. But if that would drink ahead of time, copeinca will not settle and goes in your mouth.

a Coffee in a pot (cezve) for the curious

Turkish Coffee is prepared in a cezve is a fairly concentrated drink made from a mixture of fine ground coffee, sugar and water. Sugar, contrary to popular belief, not only does not spoil this wonderful drink, and softens the taste of coffee and occupies an important place in his cooking. The process of cooking Turkish coffee is simple and quick – a few minutes bring to boil coffee crumb. But there are nuances – coffee will be sour and bitter, if you increase the time spent at the fire.

Education coffee foam

Cooking Oriental coffee, quickly and with foam, through finely ground coffee beans. Heated air, which is small kofeina, soluble in water and gives a barely noticeable bubbles. Hot water begins to evaporate and the number of bubbles increases. The bubbles rapidly rising up, transformed into foam. This process will occur as long as the water is hot enough and forms a vapor.

Sugar needed component

There are several reasons why adding sugar to start melting. The sugar will dissolve before the coffee is ready. But if you put the sugar in the Cup and stir, then copeinca will be a long time to settle, and drink steadily cool down.

Coffee with sugar – proper coffee. Syrup, sugar which turns, does not allow the water to boil, as it would be without him.

With sugar to make coffee easier. Sugar syrup formed at the bottom of the Turks, poor conductor of heat. Without sugar the rate of formation of bubbles would have risen, and boiling would occur more intensively, respectively, the cooking time will decrease, since cooking is stopped with the beginning of boiling.

the Foam is preserved by sugar and is retained better in the drink, which had previously put sugar.

cooking time coffee in Turku

the brewing Process should not be prolonged, but not too short. In incorrectly brewed beverage may be copeinca that do not settle to the bottom. As it turns out, when coffee is not long enough to stand in the fire and the atmosphere inside was allocated, not the whole. From experience it is clear that the air of particles of coffee will stand out more if they’re preparing a beverage.

Brew coffee in Turku correctly

it is Best for beginners, to prepare this magic potion in a small pot and one portion, for starters. A large amount of coffee in bulk Turk, requires strict adherence to the numbers of reps, and intensity of heating of the beverage. And this can be achieved by trial and error.

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