How to brew coffee in Turku

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the World Barista championship (WBC) is the main coffee event of the year – will be held this year on June 10-12 in Italian Rimini.

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How to brew coffee in Turku

Way of making coffee in a pot (cezve) is one of the most elegant and ancient. That is why there are many recipes for Turkish coffee (or coffee-East), which differ not only by the presence of additional ingredients, but the technology of cooking and serving of the drink.

Correct cezve must have a bottleneck. Water is poured it is on this level, and when brewed it creates a dense foam (what you call the cake), which plays the role of stopper. This “tube” does not quickly evaporate the oils contained in the coffee and, in fact, make up the taste and aroma of the drink.

it Should be noted that the tapered neck of the cezve also promotes more rapid subsidence of coffee grounds. Remember, choosing Turku.

the Classic way of making coffee in the East on the hot sand. With this method the cezve heats up almost instantly and reaches boiling point.

At home more often to make coffee on a gas or electric stove. Technology of preparation in this case is slightly modified.

But there are General rules of coffee brewing in the East. First, the grind. This method of making coffee should be ground very finely. Secondly, it is better not to use boiled water because it is poorly oxygenated, which will make the coffee taste less rich. (I want to draw attention to the fact that you can find online recipes where on the contrary suggest that you pour the coffee with the boiling water). Water pour cold, but not from the tap, and filtered. Thirdly, the cezve should be preheated prior to the preparation of the drink. You can hold it over a burner for some time or to pour boiling water outside.

Then proceed to the cooking process. There are options when all the ingredients are covered simultaneously, and there are those that separately.

for Example, there is an option when you first fall asleep in a cezve coffee and gently heat it on the burner (it is important not to overcook the coffee!). Another option when first poured sugar and heated to caramelize. So, coffee and sugar (if you take sugar) filled with cold water and placed on tile.

And here again there are several ways of cooking: you can bring coffee to a boil (but do not boil!) and immediately remove from the tile or slowly bring to the boil several times. In the second embodiment, it is very important to remove the cezve from the heat as soon as the foam has risen, not allowing it to be torn. The foam should remain dense and thick, and the drink should not boil.

the Foam will slowly rise up as the heat of the drink, and at a temperature near its boiling point will rise sharply (this process is called speed foam). It was at this point cezve need to remove.

is it Worth it to stir the coffee during the brewing process? Again you will find different opinions on this. Some suggest that you mix the coffee in the beginning of cooking until the water is hot enough, but stop mixing with the early formation of the foam. Others advise not to mix, but only slightly slowly rotate cezve circular motion just in the process of cooking.

Turn to serve. Coffee is served in the cezve. To it served a small Cup on a saucer, a spoon and a glass of cold water. The volume of a Cup of 50-70 ml.

And again, you have several options spill the cooked drink:

1. Spoon foam is removed and then placed the cups, and then poured coffee.

2. Foam is removed to separate the saucer, poured coffee, and then laid out the foam.

3. Coffee immediately poured into cups.

If any method coffee in the Cup is obtained with the grounds (in the sense of its preparation). Stir Turkish coffee is considered bad taste. This is why we need to clarify before you start cooking, one of the guests drinks coffee with sugar and one without. If the opinions were divided, then you have to make coffee twice 🙂

in order To coffee grounds a bit settled, too, there are several ways:

1. Pour a little cold water in Turku after grabbing coffee.

2. Pour a little cold water directly into the Cup.

3. To give coffee to settle.

4. The way some Barista – immediately after cooking not permanently delete Turku in a bowl of cold water.

Coffee in Turku differ rich taste and thick consistencies. Therefore, by drinking the slurry particles will still be caught in the mouth. It therefore served a glass of water.

the brewing Process in General and especially Turkish coffee is always creative, so you can try all options and choose the one you like. We will be glad, if you share then with us, which of the options was for you.

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