How to brew coffee in Turku

Everything about making coffee in a cezve

Coffee can be prepared in very different ways, but the most classic way of all values is making coffee in a cezve, as historically the first vessel to «brew coffee». Turk throughout the cooking time coffee remains the standard and is very popular not only among connoisseurs and aesthetes, but also in ordinary coffee. Modern coffee makers, coffee machines and coffee press how-to filter out the coffee grounds in a cezve coffee grounds is in the same vessel with the ultimate drink, so even with the most careful use in the Cup will always be seen particles of ground coffee.

Turk – a small konusopodobnogo vessel (wide bottom, narrow neck) with a long handle. Modern Turks are not without design innovations and the use of different materials, but the best Turk – one in which the maximum bottleneck, made of copper and the inner surface is coated with silver plating. In that the Turk is a classic Oriental coffee. Often at the bottom of the Turks beat the number – it shows how many coffees are designed the Turk.

Making coffee in a Turk is not just a trend, it is an opportunity to get the rich flavor of the coffee is maximally preserved aroma and all useful coffee substance.

The main rules of making coffee in a Turk

It is recommended to use coffee extremely fine grind.

Use cold water, ideally can pour icy water.

Coffee spill in Turku when the water is already heated up.

Flavorings can be added to Turku. These include sugar and spices.

To preserve the taste and aroma of coffee pour the coffee into a pre-warmed Cup (you can pre-pour a Cup of boiling water).

Froth formed on the surface of coffee, you need to remove and transfer to a bowl. This does not improve the taste of coffee, but this way you can get more foam, especially if you shoot it a few times.

Brewed coffee should be in the Turk. After the last raising of coffee, you need to mix and pour into cups.

Never boil coffee!

Coffee prepared in a cezve is the basis of the huge variety of coffee drinks, cocktails and desserts.

Tricks of the trade

Water should be raw, if the water will boil, foam will collapse and the whole process of cooking will be broken.

Use coffee fine grind fresh roasted beans.

To give the coffee a milder taste, add a small pinch of salt.

To prepare each Cup of coffee do not use more than two teaspoons of coffee, markedly increased amount will give the coffee a bitter taste and will kill a moderate fragrance.

To coffee grounds quickly settled on the bottom of the Cup, add a little cold water.

More of coffee from Arabica, stronger and more intense the color will turn from a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans.

Classic coffee in Turku

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