Cooking coffee

The drink turned out delicious and flavorful it is important to be able to coffee brewing, but do not boil. Lovers treats don’t need to explain that the ground powder can not be boiled, otherwise the drink will lose flavor and rich aroma. Conditions of preparation of the product, similar to how the tea is being prepared. Everyone knows that tea should not be boiled, otherwise the tea becomes tasteless. Maximum

temperature of water in which to brew the powder beans or tea leaves should be about 96° C.

Tea can be prepared in any capacity, the situation is more complicated with coffee. In order to properly make ground bean powder is best suited copper cezve, most fully reveals the taste and aroma. Actually coffee can be brewed not only in Turkish but also in a French press or coffee maker. But if the powder is soluble, it can even brew a simple Cup. And it will be correct, the technology on which is a water soluble product, allows such an arrangement. Despite the fact that the recipes on how to brew coffee, the different, all the usual recipes recommended to pour the ground coffee beans in cold water before brewing.

Traditionally, the recipes offer Supplement drink flavor or aroma additives. Some add cinnamon, others add cocoa. Spices are mixed with the powder before brewing in a pot, French press or coffee maker. Standard recipes are offered to brew one teaspoon of powdered mixture for one Cup. Fans of sturdy Goodies I advise you to brew up to 4 h/l coffee. True coffee lover advised to prepare coffee is not in geyser or electric coffee maker, as in a copper cezve. Foodies believe that a simple cezve helps to make coffee as possible, allowing you to preserve the unique aroma and taste of grain. However, she did not give much foam as the machine.

How to brew coffee beans in Turku there are numerous recommendations, we will focus on the most simple variant. To properly prepare the product in the cezve is possible in 3 ways:

1. Ground coffee is mixed with sugar and spices, pour boiling water or infuse the mixture in cold water for some time. Then, the liquid three times brought to the boil but do not allow it to boil. The mixture is removed from the fire, a bit is asserted, is poured into the cups.

2. If cooked correctly treat in Arabic, you must first burn through in the cezve sugar to a dark shade, then in Turku to pour the water. The mixture bring to a boil. Only after these procedures in the liquid must be poured milled grain (add some cinnamon). Then the broth should be brought to the boil and remove from heat.

3. Many countries have their own special recipes of cooking Goodies. Curious way the Austrians use. Right in the Cup with brewed black coffee they add whipped cream and grated chocolate. In the same way preparing iced coffee, however, in this case the ice cream is added to a chilled drink.

Cooking coffee

Prepare the drink in Turka

1. First, in a container filled with sugar. 250 ml of water is better to take 2 teaspoon of sand.

2. Next, the mixture is filled shredded wheat at the rate of 2 h/l 250 ml.

During the execution of the above procedures, the powder is mixed.

3. Then in the cezve is added water (cold or hot) on the neck (the narrowest place in Turka).

4. The put cezve on the stove. Turn on the fire. , At what temperature will properly brew the drink, gourmet walking controversy. Some prefer medium heat, others small. In this case, it may be advisable to decide empirically, by selecting the option that will seem best.

5. Closely monitor the brewing process. Do not let water boil. Once the drink starts to foam and will try to “escape” on the stove, quickly remove the pot.

6. Let it brew broth and heated it up again, not boiling. The brewing procedure should be repeated three times.

If done correctly treat will delight coffee lovers a rich taste, rich aroma and persistent foam.

Prepare the drink in a French press

Better all know how to make coffee in a French press, the French, the capacity that allows you to brew ground beans or tea leaves, is their invention. Device French press is not complicated, if the instructions for the preparation of coffee seems too complicated, you can watch instructional videos on how to use the equipment.

1. For brewing of the drink will need a coarse grind size of about 0.8 mm grain.

2. In the empty cylinder (without piston) of the powder per 100 ml water 10 g. seeds.

3. In a container pour the boiling water and stir the mixture. Wait until the powder is lowered.

4. Insert into the cylinder the piston and slowly lower it to the bottom of the tank. Repeat the procedure three times.

5. Lift the piston, wait until the powder settles completely. Pour the drink into cups.

How to brew coffee in a coffee maker electric

How to properly use the equipment, can be found in the manual of the maker or video tutorials.

1. In a container pour the powder grains, relying on 230 ml of one PT/l milled seeds.

2. In the reservoir for the liquid, pour cold water, observing restrictive labels on the dishes.

3. Turn on the unit by pressing the starter button.

4. About the readiness of the Goodies you will know because it will automatically flow into the Cup.

Prepare the drink in the coffee machine geyser

How to operate your unit better talk video tutorial or manual to geyser car. Despite the different types of devices, there are General guidelines for all vehicle types.

1. In geyser car you can only do so much of the drink as provided built-in limiters.

2. Pour water in bottom of machine capacity, and in the filter at the top (in the strainer) sprinkled shredded wheat.

3. The mixture geyser in the car put on the fire, where it is held for several minutes (the specific time see instructions).

Delicacy needs to be warmed up on a slow fire, so that during the brewing of grain has not lost the taste and aroma.

Cooking Cambodian coffee

Favorite gourmet Cambodian drink appreciated for rich aroma and smooth taste. Cambodian product – considered one of the best Souvenirs brought back from Cambodia. It is appreciated for the most natural growing conditions. Shrub and ground are not treated with chemical compounds, so the fruit of the plant ripens extremely fragrant. In the country is grown mainly Robusta. Foodies are recommending to buy products of farms, Mondulkiri. It is inexpensive, has a flavor of chocolate.

Cambodian coffee is trying to do coarse. It differs from other types of seeds that you need to brew it in the coffee maker of the drip type. Cambodian beverage is prepared using a special filter. Local natives, due to the hot climate, drink Cambodian product is cooled with ice, and an incredibly large amount of condensed milk. If you are in Cambodia and decided to taste the delicacy, don’t forget to tell the bartender coffee that like to drink hot coffee without condensed milk.

How to brew coffee in the Cup

Fresh or powdered beverage in the Cup is prepared simply.

1. In a mug pour the crushed roasted grain or soluble powder in a proportion of 1-2 h/L.

2. To taste soluble or natural product is added sugar.

3. Further soluble or ground powder mixed in a Cup of sugar.

4. Then soluble or organic grind brew with boiling water. In many recipes suggest that you heat the water to 96° C, no more and no less.

5. After the grain or soluble powder settles, the drink you can drink.

Prepare Kopi Luwak coffee

In many countries Luwak is the most expensive type of coffee. He made a very exotic way, about how its cooking there are videos on the Internet. We can say that the production of Luwak animals do. Civets are small, similar to cats. Animals eat the berries, which are naturally pass through the digestive tract and come out. People collect “food waste” of civets, wash and dry. After processing the beans acids the digestive tract of civets, seeds Luwak acquire unusual taste and smell.

Famous coffee connoisseurs suggest that you not cook it in coffee or cezve and cook the delicacy in a French press. This will allow you to maximize the taste of the fruit. Ground powder is brewed with boiling water in the cylinder and infused for four minutes. The liquid is then in a French press filter, lowering the piston (plunger), the coffee is ready.

Can you brew tea in a coffee maker

Sometimes tea connoisseurs the question arises, how well will reveal the taste of the tea leaves, if it is to cook in a coffee maker. In principle tea in Assembly for coffee beans to brew possible. For that better suited the French press. Great “reveal” taste geyser coffee maker. Good tea should get a drip unit. However, preparing tea on the coffee equipment you should consider the fact that tea does not tolerate high temperatures and is brewed less than a minute, otherwise the drink will lose its taste and smell.

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