Coffee recipes

The Internet – store “Kofe Marina” sells luxury coffee brands. In addition to these activities, the site is tips and recipes for its visitors. For example, on the theme: how to cook native English drink.

Coffee is a traditional drink of England. The British drink it during conversations with long time and even created specialized clubs of fans of this drink. But what is so fascinating about lovers?

The first feature is the choice of varieties. Instead of Arabica and Robusta. the British prefer a mixture of Indian and Colombian varieties “Mysore” with grilled figs.

For preparation will need 120 grams of washed and dried figs, i.e. figs, shred with a knife and fry them on the fire (based on taking about 150 C) to a crisp. But in any case do not leave the frying to chance. Sliced fruit must be stirred during 2 hours (that’s how much time you need to cook them). The victim, in the face of lost time, will eventually be justified.

After roasting the figs, you can go to the coffee fruits “Misouri”. In an equal number of Indian and Colombian (200 grams) mixed with crunchy figs in a coffee grinder and voila! The mixture is ready for brewing!

Distinguished by its ingenuity grain of Costa Rica. For its preparation using high-growing fruit collected in San Marcos de Tarrazu. The variety of this coffee is called “Tarrazu”.

Before preparing a drink, the cups should be heated. Then cold water to 2 cups, put on the heat and bring to boiling. Next, you will need a homemade filter Tammy. Into it pour 8 tablespoons of finely ground coffee and fill with boiling water. Then stir in the sugar to taste. Feature Costa Rican coffee is simultaneous roasting of grains and sugar to obtain a caramel taste.


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