Coffee is a delicious coffee, quick and easy

How to choose a coffee machine

It is proven that a Cup of good varennogo coffee helps at work, and at home too. Whether to hire a special person who will make coffee. No, not worth it. Help technique. If You need coffee at home or in small office, you probably have enough and simple coffee makers. Well, if You want to supply coffee to the office with a large staff or You are a cafe owner, You will need an espresso machine.

Nowadays the choice of coffee machines is great enough. There are many good manufacturers, but among them it is necessary to choose something. Let’s first analyze those facts which affect the price of the machine.

– the presence of an LCD display that allows you to inform the user about all operating modes of the machine

– the presence of a “quick couple” (accelerates cappuccino)

– the presence of the second boiler (allows you to simultaneously prepare espresso and cappuccino)

– a system of programming various functions

a pre-infusion (improves taste and aroma)

– the performance of the machine (volume of water container, grain and capacity of spent coffee)

– a platform for Cup warmer

Depending on Your needs and the prices You will be able to choose the correct model.

Become very popular so-called caltowie the machine. The essence of them is that the coffee is used in pod. Thus, the coffee is already ground and portioned Packed.

Advantages Calloway the machine:

– extremely simple and reliable in operation: coffee simply place the pods into the machine, press a button and the espresso is ready

– silent: coffee pads already ground, so the grinder, which is the main noise source is not needed

– cleanliness: used pod is easily removed from the machine

– compactness: Cordova coffee machine fits perfectly into any interior

– affordable price

– the ability to change the coffees after every Cup

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