Coffee brewing methods hardware and non-apparatus

The secrets of making coffee

Coffee – drink, which has existed since the dawn of the middle ages, but it appeared before. Over the centuries, every nation had a passion for invigorating liquid managed to create their own recipes, add unique ingredients. Scientific and technological progress and globalization brought about changes in tradition of brewing coffee and now every self-respecting coffee shop, bar or cafe offers a completely different drink loved by millions.

Today it is accepted to classify coffee brewing methods dividing them into two groups, hardware and non-apparatus. This division appeared relatively recently, not more than a century ago, with the spread of coffee makers and espresso machines. To describe all of the many recipes in one article is impossible, but we will try to highlight some of the most famous and popular.

Coffee brewing methods

One of the most popular recipes hardware coffee is espresso. It cannot be made without the machine because the necessary steam and high pressure. This coffee is a dark, almost black liquid, viscous consistency with a strong nut-brown color. The secret of making proper espresso is a volume of 30 ml, a temperature of about 85-90 degrees, the pressure is not less than 9 bar, at least 20-30 seconds. Espresso has a strong tonic effect and a lovely rich taste amazingly rich taste for it and appreciate it.

Another popular variety is the us – this kind may be prepared in the machine, so as to make it, never used high pressure. Gourmets prefer the us, considering it more refined and thinner espresso.

All other recipes are variants and combinations of the previous two. For example ristretto is an espresso but a small amount – 15 ml cappuccino is one third espresso the rest of dairy products, machiatto and latte is also a mixture of espresso and milk. As listed, the vast majority of other types of coffee and coffee cocktail is, anyhow, a drink created on the basis of Americano or espresso-based.

With making coffee manually is more complicated. Hundreds of different recipes, dozens of varieties of coffee from Arabic to Irish coffee with a variety of variations, depending on the place of cooking, and therefore the characteristic flavor and traditions. Common in this variety only one thing – it will be either coffee brewed in Turku or in a French press. The exception is the so-called Viennese coffee (actually in old Viennese coffee houses over 30 distinctive, authentic methods of cooking), which is brewed right in the Cup.

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