Coffee brewing methods.

There are many ways to brew coffee, and the choice of method depends on which coffee You would like to receive the degree of flavour, aroma, transparency, how quickly You would like to cook.

Coffee brewing methods:

• Turkish Coffee is prepared in the so-called cezve (ibrik). Often used spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and others. • filter In the coffee maker (American, “drip”). Filter coffee maker works by “gravity” principle: hot water drips on the funnel with the filter, which contains ground coffee. • In a French press. French press – special flask (usually glass or metal thermos), in which the piston with the sieve separates the coffee grounds from the beverage. • the maker of hot spring type (coffee Neapolitan). Geyser coffee maker type, or mocha, consists of three parts: the bottom is filled with water which then the vapour pressure of about 1.5 ATM. climbs the narrow channel up, and passes through filled in the middle portion of ground coffee in the upper part rises already ready to drink. • espresso – is obtained by using a special espresso machine, in which, through ground coffee under pressure of 9 ATM. hot water, heated to a temperature of 88″91 °C. One of the options for espresso – the use of coffee machines, working on technology E. S. E. which use special disposable bags with accurate measured portion of ground grain, designed for a single Cup of coffee, called pods. Espresso-based prepare many other types of drink. The caffeine content in espresso is three times less than in regular coffee, and for its preparation you are encouraged just 45 coffee beans.

There are several types of coffee-espresso:

◦ Ristretto (from Italian. ristretto, “compressed”). Has less than espresso, volume (7 g 15 coffee-20 ml of water).

◦ Corretto (from Italian. corretto, “fixed”). A Cup of espresso with a small amount of liquor (Grappa, brandy, genepi,Sambuca). In German-speaking countries coffee with vodka is called «Russian-style coffee”. russischer Kaffee). ◦ Macchiato (from Italian. macchiato, “drop”, “spot”, with the addition of something (cool.)). Get espresso-based, the addition of a drop of milk froth. As espresso is a strong coffee and is served in the same little Cup.

◦ Cappuccino (from Italian. cappuccino, “monkey”, according to one version, a method was proposed by monk Capuchin Marco d ‘ Aviano). Coffee with milk and a lush foam. Served in a Cup larger than espresso, but smaller than a latte macchiato. In Italy it is drunk mainly during Breakfast.

◦ Latte macchiato (from Italian. latte macchiato, “milk with a drop”). Radically different from macchiato volume and proportions. In the glass of the large volume of heavy cream (40%), milk (60%), and espresso. Usually has a top layer of milk froth and cappuccino. In some cases, uses only the milk.

◦ Mocha or mochaccino – coffee with the addition of chocolate (not to be confused with mocha, sort of a chocolate aftertaste, and with mokou, a device for brewing coffee). There are other ways of making coffee with chocolate: bicerin, marocchino, espressivo. Recipe bicerin dates back to the eighteenth century, he was loved by Pablo Picasso, Alexander Dumas (father), and Ernest Hemingway.

◦ Iced coffee (FR. glacé – frozen, frozen) – coffee ice cream.

• Instant coffee – it is a drink derived from roasted beans of the coffee tree, which, by means of various processes into a powder or granules. • Gloria jeans – this way of making coffee, which is very popular in the United States. A drink obtained by way of brewing coffee beans.

The basis for any method of coffee preparation is the process of extraction – the extraction of substances from coffee beans. Preparing coffee in different ways, we vary some parameters, such as coffee grinding, temperature, pressure, cooking time, thereby differently occurs the extraction process, and the result is different in taste, strength. the aroma of coffee and saturation.

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