Cocoa beans – properties, recipe, unlike coffee

At first glance it may seem that coffee and cocoa. But… they are different plants that belong to different biological families. And unlike coffee and cocoa is the same as between a pear and an Apple tree!

Let’s try to understand what the difference between them.

The plants of coffee and cocoa

Coffee is a fruit of the coffee tree, more like a Bush (family Rubiaceae), is considered the Homeland of coffee, Africa.

Cocoa is the fruit of the cacao tree (belongs to the family Malvaceae). Sometimes called cocoa “chocolate tree”. The birthplace of cocoa – tropical forests of South America.

Now both plants are cultivated worldwide in warm and humid tropical latitudes of both hemispheres.

Both trees are evergreen. The altitude of cocoa can reach heights of 10 to 12 meters. Coffee tree, usually grows much lower – 6 – 10 meters.

The fruits coffee and cocoa beans

The fruits of these plants are called grains or beans. In its structure and appearance of the grain is completely different.

The coffee fruits grow in clusters. Each fruit consists of several grains from one to four. Grain colour can vary from pale green to light brown.

Cocoa beans in appearance resembles a melon or a large lemon. Inside contain many large seeds, which are arranged in several rows and are surrounded by pulp. The gestation period is approximately four months. Under favorable conditions the plant will bloom and bear fruit all year round. Growing trees and harvesting is very hard and low-paid work.

The chemical composition of coffee and cocoa

The difference between these substances is that coffee contains caffeine, and cocoa alkaloid theobromine.

Caffeine from coffee produces a stimulating effect on the human body, which is particularly felt in fatigue. Excess caffeine causes restlessness, insomnia, tachycardia and other troubles.

Extract from cacao beans in its composition contains fat and cocoa butter so its calorific value is higher than coffee.

In cocoa there is a lot of magnesium, which has a positive effect on the heart. Everyone knows that chocolate is made from cocoa, acts as an antidepressant.


Of coffee beans make extract, and cocoa – suspension. In other words, if you want to enjoy a Cup of coffee, then, by brewing coffee extract in the water of its nutrients. But if you wanted a Cup of hot cocoa, just mix the particles of cocoa with milk or water.

And another difference. Usually sell coffee roasted and it can be prepared with the addition of other spices and ingredients. That is, sometimes the drink can be called a “dish”, and cocoa powder just sell raw.

Language differences coffee and cocoa

In Russian, the word “coffee” had a masculine gender, and only recently allowed him to use the neuter. Coffee in the spoken language became “it”.

The word “cocoa” is used in a average way.

Thus, we were able to find some differences coffee and cocoa.

In conclusion we would like to offer a simple recipe for cocoa at home.

Recipe cocoa

1 liter of milk or water

5 dessert spoons of cocoa powder

5 teaspoons of sugar


Mix cocoa powder with sugar.

Add a small amount (100 -150 ml) of cold milk or water. Stir to make a thick pasty mixture.

Boil the remaining milk or water.

Add diluted mixture with cocoa.

Stirring occasionally, bring to a boil and cook for 2 -3 minutes.

To drink cocoa turned out flavorful, tender, tasty and gave a good energy boost (it is better to cook it with milk. Especially if you cook it for your baby. It can be drunk cold and hot. Cocoa is recommended for intensive feeding. In baby food cocoa beverage recommended to enter from the age of two, starting with 50 ml per day. Cocoa made with milk, such as different recipes of coffee with milk have an increased nutritional value. They are recommended to those who are exposed to high loads or wants to gain a few extra pounds.

In addition to all the above look useful video about the valuable properties of cocoa

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