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Elite Vietnamese ground coffee Trung Nguyên Sáng tạo (Creative/Creativity) 8 – coffee No. 1.

The balance of the three varieties of Coffee creative 8 differs slightly from the earlier Legends gold . the fragrance becomes softer characteristic taste of Arabica, it has more natural sweetness, so I prefer a little more sweet, more sugar put.

Net weight: 250 g

Ingredients: Arabica, Robusta, excelsa.

The caffeine content ≥ 1%

Storage method: store in a cool dry place.

Manufacturer: JSC Trung Nguyên, Vietnam

Arabica / Arabica – the most popular type of coffee has a mild flavor and a subtle rich flavor. Opened a few centuries ago.

Robusta Coffee Beans / Robusta. Trees of Arabica and Robusta are similar, but the grain of the wood Robusta unlike corn Arabica beans are more round and smaller in size, ripen within 10-11 months and account for 30-35% of the coffee market. Coffee beans of the Robusta contain high concentration of caffeine and have a strong specific aroma radically different from Arabica.

Excelsa / Excelsa. Opened in 1904. His trees are very tall and have up to 20 m in height, resistant to drought and disease, they are grown in Vietnam and the Philippines. Coffee beans Excelsa have a pleasant fragrant aroma, similar to the Arabica and occupy a strong position in the segment of specialty coffees”. Coffee Excelsa, constitute only about 1% of world coffee production, it is necessary to 14 months for the maturation of grains.

Interesting fact:

* At the end of the first half of 2012, Vietnam for the first time in history became the world’s largest exporter of coffee, ahead of Brazil at 13% for the production of coffee beans.

How to make Vietnamese coffee?

2. Mix and apply lid.

3. Skip to about 20ml. hot water temperature IS – 100C through the filter with coffee. Then add another 45 ml of boiling water.

4. Add the sugar and milk in taste. (from the manufacturer – “Most clients prefer the original taste of coffee”)

Where to buy Vietnamese ground coffee Creative/Sáng tạo 8 Trung Nguyên?

Buy luxury Vietnamese coffee Creative 8 from Trung Nguyen production Vietnam with delivery in Moscow and Moscow region in the online shop Asian products Carshop.of the Russian Federation . Will also ship Your order to another region of Russia or mail transport company.

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