Artisan Coffee Festival

Two intense days, a few sessions, leading experts in the field of coffee and an endless supply of creative ideas and real drinks festival Artisan Coffee Festival, which will take place on 29-30 November in Kyiv on the territory of the art-plant Platform.

Share experiences, recipes and coffee

The festival will gather together under one roof the recognized Champions and medalists in the field of selecting, roasting and brewing coffee. This is a unique chance to see and try the famous coffee Barista, the owner of the title of World Barista Championship 2009 gwilym Davies. The person who sells in a day his London coffee house, on average, about a thousand cups of coffee.

Many successful representatives of the coffee industry will share their invaluable experience and innovative ideas. It turns out that the taste of coffee, you can configure and true professionals know how to do it. Festival guests will get acquainted with non-standard methods of making coffee and be able to buy everything you need to do this on the spot.

Participants of the festival

The festival will be attended by the best coffee shops in the country, and each of them will be able to demonstrate their achievement in knowledge and making coffee. Among the participants, the title of “Best cafe 2012”, Lviv coffee house “Svit Kavi”, capital One Love Espresso Bar, where visitors come not only to enjoy a Cup of gourmet coffee, but also to relax a bit, to join the world of art. Another participant Coffee house “London”, which is akin to a journey through distant the British capital. All represented parties drinks, it will be possible to taste and make up your mind about the appearance, consistency and taste balance.

A feast for the whole family

Advisory network for real gourmets is strongly advised to come to the festival Artisan Coffee Festival with the whole family, as even the kids will find something to taste.

The separate children’s area will be broadcast cartoons. Children wishing to participate actively in the festival, you can learn how to draw using a brush and… coffee. Adults in the area latte art comprehend the basics of creating patterns on a coffee foam, and will be able to create your own masterpieces.

Along with active areas of workshops, will be submitted to the lounge area, where everyone will be able to take a break and enjoy a Cup of hot coffee.

Guests of the festival will be the first in Ukraine the viewers of the documentary A Film About Coffee, in which the process of production and coffee will tell direct participants: farmers, roasters and baristas.

Breakfast, which fades in lunch, or a delicious brunch

During the two-day festival, guests will delight not only the coffee, but also unforgettable dishes of international cuisine. Already made the menu, which presents the most delicious, perfectly in harmony with the taste of coffee. This is a traditional Breakfast of French, English, German, Japanese and Ukrainian cuisine.

Exquisite desserts, pastries, chocolates – all this and much more you can try this weekend only at the site of the festival Artisan Coffee Festival.

And today we have prepared for all our subscribers a wonderful gift: the opportunity to participate in professional master-class “Alternative ways of preparing coffee, Artisan Coffee Festival. Make sure to like repost and make certain pages and maybe you will become a happy owner of the coveted coupon to participate.


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