Analogues of coffee

Analogues of coffee recipes vitality throughout the day

How to stay refreshed and full of energy all day? Thinking about it ever occurred to everyone. Not necessarily to drink several cups of coffee a day! Here are 12 foolproof ways that will help you become more energetic and increase your productivity.

Invigorating shower

At any time of the day refreshing jets of water help to cheer up! Those who work during the day, most suitable morning shower, especially the contrast.

Tonic effect is not necessary to use soap – it will be enough to apply washcloth a couple of drops of pine or orange extract. After this procedure, you will finally Wake up and feel a surge of energy .

Power smoothie

To prepare this drink is very simple: blend 1 banana with a glass of milk and add optional 1 tablespoon of oat flakes or 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder. Get a delicious, quick and low calorie Breakfast, after which you do not want to eat and sleep for a long time.

Green tea

This drink – the most popular alternative to coffee. It also has caffeine, but in much smaller doses, so that from it no harm – a lot of help!

It is proven that green tea increases mental activity of man, but also has a positive effect on attention and memory. And plenty of antioxidants in it reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

A large amount of antioxidants in green tea reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Short break

It seems that the more often you are interrupted while working, the less time. But studies have shown that if you periodically take short breaks and get away from work, it has a positive impact on our productivity. But if you long to concentrate only on one thing, the efficiency decreases.

So do in a day short breaks to warm up, walk, or for a pleasant conversation. After that you will be better able to focus on work and do it faster.

By the way, rhythmic music tones, so you can make music and pause!


Physical activity not only helps to cheer up, but also increases our productivity during the working day. This is the conclusion Swedish scientists in 2011 during the experiment over the employees of one company.

It became clear that, through sport, not only increased efficiency, but also became much smaller ailments among employees.

Of course, it is best to regularly visit the gym. But if you don’t have much time to workout – no problem! Enough to spend 10-40 minutes to charge, so that your concentration is increased due to the inflow of blood to the brain. If you can’t clearly at work to exercise, then at least stretch it out and run the stairs a couple of times.

Lots of light

Light – is a powerful source of vitality! Twilight, on the contrary, relaxes and drives in a half-asleep state. Therefore try to surround yourself with light: open Drapes during the day, in the evening, turn on the bright lights and lamps.

Massage the earlobes

Try to massage the earlobes. But the neck, back, legs must not touch – it only relaxes you, and certainly will not set up a working mood!

Many of us don’t sleep, which decreases the efficiency of labor, concentration on tasks, and we often make mistakes.


Needless to say that at night you need to sleep – from 7 to 9 hours is enough to be fit as a fiddle! But in reality, most of us don’t sleep, which decreases the efficiency of labor, concentration on tasks, and we often make mistakes.

In this case, the situation is saved by short NAPs. It’s much better than caffeine affects our attention and memory. So it’s a good idea – to take a NAP 15-30 minutes during your lunch break.

Laughter and chocolate

Did you know that if you eat chocolate and to arrange a “funny moments”, then your productivity will increase by 12 percent?

Chocolate is better to choose the dark: it contains endorphins (hormones of happiness) and is able to activate the brain. For studying on the job would suit small funny video, a joke or funny story colleagues, etc. the Main thing – all know when to stop!

Fruit snacks

Invigorating effect have berries and fruit – apples, raspberries, oranges, grapefruit and others. This should be used as snacks .

But baking and meat, on the contrary, weight and sleep our body, so these dishes are best to include in main meals.

Do not freeze

For productive work you need a comfortable environment. And when the hands get cold and a tooth for a tooth misses – there can be no acceleration! Productivity falls, and there is a desire to hide under a warm blanket.

If your workplace is poorly heated, we recommend you wrap up warm, drink warm drinks and to get a heater.

To walk, to cheer up

A walk in the fresh air will definitely help you to cheer up! The fatigue is gone, you become more focused, full of energy, and the body and the brain will be saturated with oxygen.

So choose a convenient time for your walk – on the way to work, from work, or during day break.

These techniques work for each individual. Someone will invigorate active walk and exercise with, and someone to continue the work enough to take a NAP. Choose your perfect recipe of vivacity for the whole day and be successful!

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