A coffee shop at home

Devotion to coffee is not a religion; it is something like national characteristics or traits. And so at some point in time, when you start to join this coffee life in the kitchen begin to grow Turk, coffee maker, coffee grinder and, of course, coffee. We have already talked about history, rather admired the unique taste and aroma. Today we will move from words to deeds and try to brew great coffee at home. Where do we start?

After grinding coffee very scent disappears quickly, so buying a package of ground coffee in the supermarket – the first and main mistake you can make. To buy good ground coffee, better go to the nearest coffee shop. But not to order a cappuccino. In any good coffee shop for sale and ground coffee . If you this first time, you can consult here with consultants. The sort of coffee you need to choose depending on what you are going to cook. For espresso machines it is best to buy a professional espresso blend: there is a small percentage of Robusta, it gives strength and density, and the taste is enveloping. If you do not know what you want, start with a neutral varieties, without a pronounced bitterness or sourness. For example, “Guatemala” is a classic, very soft varieties from Central America. But actually everything is very individual. The main criterion here is your own taste.

There is absolutely nothing difficult in itself make the coffee mixture. To do this:

a) learn to distinguish flavors, completeness and acidity of coffee.

b) to know what quality of coffee You like;

in) to know the rules of mixing and the characteristics of the “pure” varieties of coffee.

you Should use varieties that are mutually complementary . mix the components, taken in different proportions and moreover, different degrees of roasting. For example, Ethiopian grade Jim goes well with Javanese coffee, Guatemala – Costa Rican, silikoosialane – sredneoblastnymi etc. At the same time, if the coffee lacking something and know exactly what shade it is necessary to strengthen it should be added to the coffee beans up to one-third their weight of grains of other varieties.

To enhance the taste of sweetness . Venezuelan, Haitian coffee, Indian Mussar.

To enhance wine taste . Kenyan, Ethiopian. To achieve the softness in the taste of the drink: Colombian, Brazilian, Costa Rican (two grain varieties can last much fry – they become bitter). To improve the color and acidity: Costa Rican, Guatemalan, Venezuelan.

the composition of the mixtures can include several varieties of coffee . for example – four, some mixtures can consist of twelve varieties.

Buy quality ground coffee is only the beginning of victory road. Now the problem arises on how to store this coffee is that it has not lost its best qualities. And without our advice here not to manage:

1. Never precipita coffee from one vessel to another, as this is released inside Gaza.

2. The space between the surface of the coffee and the lid of the vessel should be as small as possible.

3. If coffee is stored in the refrigerator, as they can tie opened the package and secure it with a clip or sticky tape and put it in an airtight container.

4. If the beans will not touch a couple of weeks, pack it for storage in the refrigerator, put in airtight container and place in the freezer. Roasted coffee should never be stored.

5. Roasted coffee store in small portions, using a self-closing bags, squeezing them in such a way as to squeeze out as much air.


Now that we have world-class experts in the field of coffee, the question arises of what to cook. Necessary device, and as is often the case, there are two options – better and cheaper. But as we have agreed to prepare a Good coffee, first we go to the first path and choose your coffee machine. So, what should you pay attention?

1. The first thing we see is the body of the machine. It needs to be made of high quality metal (sometimes with heat-resistant coating), the equipment will remain a “trademark” look even after prolonged use and will not break if handled carelessly.

2. One of the most important parts – holder. It needs to be massive, from the specific heat of the metal, with a thick-walled bowl and two interchangeable strainers (one and two servings). This portafilter optimal for espresso because the coffee is pressed into it, it gets very warm and the drink turns out perfect: dense, lush Crema and a rich taste.

3. Pestle for compressing the ground coffee in portafilter can be made of durable plastic and metal, most importantly, to fit the holder diameter, otherwise the fitting will be uneven, and this will significantly degrade the quality of the drink. Extremely uncomfortable and pestle, built right into the machine or the grinder, because in that case, you cannot adjust the power of the crimp.

4. The pump, which pumps water into the boiler, it is preferable vortex because the vortex it pumps up the water. Plunger the pump requires that the water supply system to maintain a pressure of 2 ATM. This leads to additional difficulties.

5. It is also important that a system of heating the cups. Espresso should be served only in warm dishes: it will not allow the drink to cool quickly and lose flavor, aroma and foam.

6. If you want to prepare not only espresso, but to create coffee menu, which will be appreciated by guests needed cappuccino. With it, you will be able to whisk the milk froth for coffee dishes and to make hot chocolate.

Most importantly

so, if you choose the same machine. Of course, this required extra hassle and relatively high costs. But now your life much easier – this is what you should be able to. Rate:

1. to program the temperature of brewed coffee and time on/off the machine;

2. ask daily flushing of the spill;

3. to set the hardness of the water used;

4. to enable wetting of the ground coffee;

5. to enable grinding to the next Cup;

6. to reactivate the automatic descaling, and set the fill volume of the Cup.

If for some reason buy the coffee machine you are not tempted – well, brew coffee in Turku . But also all the rules!

1. The proportions of coffee in Turkish, is very simple: 1 tablespoon of coffee per 1 Cup of water. If Turk capacity: 2 cups, put 2 spoons of ground coffee (from top) – because this coffee is very finely ground, it is easy to dial in a spoon is all you need.

2. Then put the same sugar – two spoon with the top of the because sugar spoon score less convenient than coffee, try to use the most simple and convenient spoon, coffee has turned to “medium sweetness”, which is so valued in the East.

3. Finally, with the help of one of the cups from which you drink coffee, pour into a cezve 2 cups of water. At this stage allowed for some variety: for example, you can add in coffee, cardamom, cinnamon or anise.

4. Put Turku on a fairly low heat. When over coffee foam will rise, threatening to escape, remove the pot, stir the coffee and put back on the heat. Once the coffee is boiling, remove the pot and much more coffee do not stir.

5. Again, put Turku on fire and, when the foam rises a third time, remove the pot and pour coffee into the cups, trying to have each got the same amount of foam.

In any case, in compliance with all useful tips, you expect a good result. Now it remains only to enjoy.


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