A classic rule maker

Tea is a very delicate process, which plays a big role every detail. If to approach to brewing tea in a classical way, clean water and the number of binding requirements. Of course, most of these masters of brewing tea are paying attention mainly to the process of boiling water, utensils used for brewing tea. But this is only the subtleties that may maximize the taste of the drink. And the taste of the

tea depends on the quality of raw materials and the method of its preparation.

When cooking classic tea is required to comply with these rules:

The first rule:

Iced tea is not recommended to drink on an empty stomach because once in the body, this tea may be too much to cool the stomach and spleen. In China there is an old saying “do not drink tea on an empty heart”. There are however, some types of tea, which, on the contrary, activate the metabolic processes in the body. Such varieties of tea you can drink in the morning on an empty stomach, but only in small amounts.

The second rule:

The second rule opposite to the first – not to drink too hot tea. This tea leads to excessive stimulation of the esophagus, stomach and throat that may adversely affect them. Prolonged intake of too hot tea in General can lead to negative changes of these organs. According to the independent researchers, the temperature of the tea should not be more than 56 C, otherwise it may lead to symptoms of lesions of the stomach and its walls in particular. Also, the hot tea helps in the absorption of nutrients, nutrients, and hence, use it for the body will bring.

The third rule:

It again concerns the temperature of the drink. Many tea drinkers prefer to drink iced tea, no idea what that means. Too cold tea can cause stagnation of phlegm in the body and SuperCool the whole body. So the tea should be drunk cool, but not icy.

The fourth rule:

Tea should not drink too strong. In strong tea has excessive content of theine and caffeine, which can cause sleep disturbance and headache. People suffering from cardiovascular diseases, as well as suffering from increased pressure, drinking strong tea is strictly prohibited. This drink causes a sharp increase in pressure raises your heart rate and causing palpitations.

The fifth rule:

Too long brewing tea can lead to the fact that contained in tea essential components (phenol, lipids) will start to oxidize, which will lead to a significant reduction of the nutrient characteristics of tea and it will greatly lose in transparency and their taste characteristics. In addition, if the tea infuse for too long, it can greatly increase the number of different fungi and bacteria. This is especially characteristic of Puer tea. Depending on the tea, the maximum brewing time should not exceed half an hour, otherwise the tea will turn out delicious, healthy beverage in an extremely harmful product.

The sixth rule:

Tea, in any case, you should not brew too many times. Experiments show that the first welding pulls out tea half nutrients, second – a third of them. Further welding can cause the tea will come out in addition to helpful and harmful substances. So it is necessary to abandon multiple brewing the same tea or use welding. The savings in this case leads to negative health effects.

The seventh rule:

Tea should not drink immediately before eating. This leads to the fact that saliva is too liquid and the taste of the food you eat can be a bit blunt. It can also lead to reduced absorption of protein in the stomach. It is recommended to drink tea before meals for 20-30 minutes. After drinking a Cup of tea before dinner, the man starts the digestive process and configures your stomach for eating. In addition, it protects you against overeating.

The eighth rule:

This rule opposite of the previous one – no need to drink tea immediately after a meal. The fact is that contained in tea theine can negatively affect the absorption of protein and iron in the stomach and intestines. Should withstand 20-30 minutes after eating to drink tea.

The ninth rule:

When taken together with tea drugs, they can give precipitation in the stomach and incorrectly, poorly assimilated. This is because tea contains tannins, which upon decomposition, form tannin, which shall come into negative contact with the medication. It is also important to remember that some teas can actively act on the body, such as causing drowsiness or on the contrary excessive activity. So before you take certain medications, you should consult your doctor, do not bring harm their combination with your favorite variety of tea.

The tenth rule:

Should not drink tea, which stood for 24 hours or more. In this tea has almost no vitamins, but the amount of bacteria in it has increased dramatically. This tea can be used as an external medicines. For example, this tea effectively stops capillary bleeding, and it can be used for inflammation of the tongue, gums, oral cavity. As this tea is quite possible to wash the eyes and rinse your mouth before your morning brushing. But for eating it won’t work anymore.

If you follow all these simple requirements, then the tea will not only be a pleasant process, but will also bring positive results to the health. After all, no wonder tea in many Eastern countries is not just a delicious drink, but also a real medicine that helps to get rid of a number of complex diseases. In addition, tea may just help with stress, improve mood, raise the tone. The most important thing when cooking this wonderful drink is just the observance of all these ten simple rules.

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