10 delicious coffee recipes with and without alcohol

In the modern world there is the following myth: drinking coffee is harmful to health. To many people this fact seems highly questionable.

For this reason, many people think that to use this drink can afford only perfectly healthy people. Fortunately, this view is wrong. The proof of this fact is that since 1958,

the world Health Organization coffee included in the list of products that are safe for life and health. And, on the other hand, the proof that coffee is a threat to the life or health of people, still has not been found.

The most widely known component of the beverage from roasted coffee beans – caffeine – according to recent studies has the following properties: AIDS digestion, increasing the secretion of gastric juice; has a stimulating effect on the Central nervous system (i.e., tones – that is why many people prefer to drink coffee in the morning); can help against certain types of asthma, speeding up the breathing; it affects the circulation, resulting in can be effective against certain types of migraine. Thus, contrary to popular belief, caffeine does not accumulate in the body, and removed from it for several hours after consuming <>coffee. In other words, with moderate caffeine intake can bring many benefits to the person who regularly consume coffee, and a positive effect drink has on the stomach and on the nervous and respiratory system and blood circulation.

Coffee can even be called the “elixir of youth” – this drink has much more antioxidants than the most frequently consumed food products. The importance of antioxidants cannot be underestimated: they are not only necessary for the excretion of cell-damaging free radicals, but also assist in the fight against cancer tumours, diseases of the cardiovascular system, Parkinson’s and even two species of diabetes. An interesting fact that in the “decaf” contains the same amount of antioxidants that habitual coffee.

•Italian physician prosper Alpinus, at the end of the XVI century, accompanying the Egypt Embassy from Venice, wrote that Egypt is a very popular drink coffee, and drink it to improve digestion and strengthen the stomach. At about the same time appeared the description coffee, made by a German doctor Leonard Rauwolfia. Records of L. Rauwolf were made about ten years earlier, however, the first “miraculous” properties of coffee have described P. Alpinus, therefore his name is associated with the beginning of the popularization of coffee in Europe.

•Carl Linnaeus, a scientist of world renown, wrote a book about coffee, in which, in particular, described the drink as “helping in the jam of food, strengthens the stomach and cleansing clogged inside”.

•it is Known that prior to the reign of Peter I the name “coffee” actually has been mentioned in Russian documents only once – in 1665 a doctor prescribed to use it as a drugs Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. The healer claimed that coffee is good for headaches and colds.

Scientists believe that about 4-5 cups of coffee a day – this is moderate consumption, and that is how much coffee you need to drink daily in order to fully experience its positive effects on the body and at the same time does not harm their own health. It is worth noting that, in addition to caffeine and antioxidants, coffee also contains iron, phosphorus, potassium and many other essential for the human body micronutrients, including vitamin PP helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Contraindications of the drink is roasted coffee quite a bit. Coffee should not be drunk by people with some diseases of the cardiovascular system, as this drink increases the load on the heart, ucasa the rhythms of breath and palpitations; however, this requirement does not apply only hypertensive patients – the coffee does not increase blood pressure, rather regulates and stabilizes it, the bad feeling from the consumption of this drink in people with problems in the cardiovascular system is associated only with a higher stress on a weakened heart muscle. The reaction of the cardiovascular system caffeine does not depend on blood pressure, and the individual characteristics of the organism – some hypertensive patients can safely drink five 5-6 cups of coffee a day without experiencing any discomfort, while hypotensive patients (people with low blood pressure) can feel very bad after the first Cup of drink.

Coffee should not be drunk by children with fragile nervous system – the stimulating effect of caffeine can cause a child to an unexpected reaction and cause inappropriate behavior. It is not recommended to combine coffee with alcohol (studies have shown that coffee can increase the degree of intoxication and increase discomfort during a hangover) and tobacco (joint use of these two products may lead to a serious increase in the level of cholesterol in the blood). On the other hand, coffee can be drunk even for pregnant women – use 1-2 cups of coffee a day does not bring neither the woman nor the child any harm.

•When the coffee began its triumphant March through Europe, many doctors rebelled against drink. Favorite Muslims drink, according to the doctors, caused the Europeans ’s a terrible passion” to drink coffee every day, as this, according to the doctors, was fraught with many unpleasant consequences. About the dangers of drink spread evil rumors: alleged that coffee significantly reduces the lifetime of the one who drinks it; that coffee can burn the human stomach that will surely lead to his death; that the coffee was to blame for the death of a certain Princess, causing her stomach multiple abscesses; that because of the constant use of coffee hand Flemish Governor covered with sores, etc. However, all these groundless accusations did not affect the rate of popularization of the drink.

•the First description of the beverage from roasted beans of the coffee tree was made prominent Arab physician and scientist, known under the name of Avicenna (in reality it is not a name but a distorted pronunciation of the name Ibn Sina). This work dates from the end of XX-beginning of XXI centuries.

•Initially, coffee was eaten only Arab nomads. And of coffee beans and they cooked not flavored drink, and… balls for cooking which coffee beans were mixed with fat. Arab nomads were known to only one property of coffee – its tonic effect, so these balls they used to make long trips across the desert. Later they learned to cook from coffee beans drink.

Coffee menu

Top 5: Coffee and alcohol

Irish coffee

Irish coffee – unusually fragrant and warming drink. It consists of whiskey, espresso and cream.

The ingredients necessary for making Irish coffee:

14 g fine ground coffee

30 ml of whiskey “Jameson”

whipped cream

whole coffee beans

You will need the following kitchen utensils:

metal jigger

plastic jigger

Irish Cup

1. Cook a double espresso in a plastic jigger.

2. Pour 30 ml of whiskey “General” in the metal jigger.

3. Pour the whiskey out of the metal jigger in Irish Cup.

4. Hold a lighted match to the whiskey and set it on fire.

5. Extinguish the flame, covering the Irish Cup and saucer.

6. In Irish the glass of warmed whiskey pour the espresso from plastic jigger.

Coffee with brandy

The ingredients you need for making coffee with brandy:

7 grams of finely ground coffee

20 ml brandy

You will need the following kitchen utensils:

metal jigger


the coffee spout


coffee steam

1. Pour into a metal jigger 20 ml of cognac.

2. In an espresso Cup, pour the brandy out of the metal jigger.

3. Preparation holder. Before cooking, wipe dry with holder, pre-extracting it from the group.

4. Dosage of coffee. Place the holder under the hopper of the dispenser. After the portion of ground coffee poured, tap the back of the wrist on the holder, so that the coffee is evenly distributed and filled all the voids.

5. The formation of coffee pills. Lay the holder on a Desk and using tempera press coffee. This process is called temperance. Then, in order to scatter from the walls of the filter napressovannye remains, a slight movement tangentially tap handle-tempera on holder and press coffee again. At the end of this procedure on the rim of the holder should not be coffee crumbs.

6. Training group. To restore the desired temperature in a few seconds, pour the hot water through the group.

7. Extraction. Insert the holder into the panel and secure it, and turn on the Strait of water. Extraction will take about 25 seconds.

8. Waste disposal and cleaning. After espresso, remove the holder from the group and knock out pill. Wipe the inside of the holder from the coffee particles and insert it into the group.

Cocktail “Dream of a pirate”

Cocktail “Dream of a pirate” will take you to the fabulous world filled with tart taste of white rum, tropical coconut and delicate cream.

The ingredients necessary for a delicious shake, “Dream of a pirate”:

14 g fine ground coffee

30 ml white rum

50 ml of whipped cream

15 ml coconut syrup

You will need the following kitchen utensils:

metal jigger

plastic jigger

Irish Cup


bar spoon

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